4 fashion companies with awesome brand identities

June 7, 2016 | by Emma Kobylenski

When it comes to retail, some brands just know how to make an impact on their customers. Here are some of our favorite fashion brands who do sell cool products and have even cooler brand identities.


Chubbies Shorts - California, USA


What cool products do they sell?

Shorts, patriotic shorts, golf shorts, luchalibre shorts, hammerhead shorts, jort shorts, pastel shorts, sports shorts, shorts that show more man thigh than average American might be comfortable with, swimsuits, and shirts. Did I mention shorts?


What else do they do?

First of all, their attitude and brand voice is spectacular, not to mention their Vine game is on point.

The guys and gals at Chubbies Shorts have an infectious brand message that is fun and not at all like other fashion brands on the market. Their product imagery features people that, well, don't look like sullen, mopey teenagers. Their photos are colorful, entertaining, and look like they came directly out of your college scrapbook.  And my personal favorite? Their user generated content. The Chubbies community is just as funny and playful as the brand itself.


How you can do it

Be authentic! (Cue eye rolls) But truthfully, you need to find your voice and not be afraid to use it. Do some research into who is buying your products, what your ideal consumer looks like, and your own personality. Your voice will be found somewhere in there. It may be that your voice is more formal or silly - it doesn't matter, as long as it works and feels real to your customers. 


Woouf - Barcelona, Spain


What cool products do they sell?

Pillows that look like robots, popcorn tea towels, parrot pouches, the coolest bean bags on the planet and other fun accessories for your home. Even a simple pouch can make anyone's Instagram feed pop!


Good morning 🍋🍋☕️ #woouf #lemon #citron #newcollection #ss17 #summer #simplyawesome

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What else do they do?

Believe it or not, the rocket ice cream bean bag is not the only reason to love this brand. They feature collections based on Spanish artists of varying mediums like the Valencia based street artist Escif. These artists create truly unique designs for that are playful, stylish, and smile-inducing. Woouf also collaborates with other brands and artists to bring their products offline where they are transformed into public art installations. Keep an eye out for their stuff wherever you are.


How you can do it

Find ways to collaborate with other people, communities, and businesses that is mutually beneficial and makes you both look damn good. Never neglect networking and keep your mind open to projects that require cooperation. It could be your differentiator. 


Route One Apparel - Maryland, USA


What cool products do they sell?

Maryland themed EVERYTHING. What is Maryland themed? Well, if you are not aware, let me educate you. The state of Maryland has a flag that, despite what some unfortunate people say, is the most bad-ass (bad-assest?) in the union, and Route One Apparel took that flag and other Maryland cultural tid bits and made them into a fashion statement.


What else do they do?

First I must disclose that I, the author of this blog post, am actually a resident of Maryland. Regardless of my own biases, Route One Apparel is actually a great example of a brand that took a niche market, exploited it, and effectively fueled a cultural phenomenon.  Before Route One Apparel gave Marylanders the ability to purchase and wear their pride, there weren't too many other options besides a gift shop in Annapolis or the College Park campus. Today, Route One Apparel is a staple of the Maryland wardrobe. #marylandpride


How you can do it

Tap into a niche market with strong community potential. Route One Apparel filled a market need and an identity need. Keep a close eye on who is interested in your product and engage in social listening to uncover an opportunity. 


Out of Print Clothing - New York, USA


What cool products do they sell?

Poe, Vonnegut, Fitzgerald, Heller, Twain, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Sendak, and many other famous literary figures celebrated through fashion. I am talking book related clothing, accessories, and home-ware! I know. It's incredible. Gimmie a Banned Book mug!


What else do they do?

Classic literature and clothing together! Honestly, what else is there to talk about? But actually, there is more to this company!


Out of Print has a mission that goes beyond the material. For every product they sell, a book is donated to a community in need. They work alongside Books For Africa to provide books to African children with the ultimate aim of increasing literacy and education.

Out of Print Clothing also support those who make books possible - authors, publishers, and artists. This past April they ran a fundraiser that stocked a primary school's library from the ground up! They are making the world a better place through their efforts, and what could be cooler than that?


How you can do it

 Find a social cause that coincides with your brand and become a participant. Donate funds or run special drives. Collect old items for donation or to recycle. Whatever you do, don't do it just for marketing purposes. Anything purely marketing-oriented is bound to fail - Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more prevalent, but doing so under false pretenses or only superficially will set you up for disaster. 


Brands continually have to find ways to stand out from the crowd and these guys do it no contest!

Are there any brands you think are outstanding? Tell us in the comments section! 

Emma Kobylenski
Written by Emma Kobylenski

Product Manager at Plytix

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