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Best Online Shopping Experience Awards: Copywriting (Sports & Leisure)

Best Online Shopping Experience Awards: Copywriting (Sports & Leisure)

Nearly half of all online shoppers have returned a purchase because the product they received didn’t match its description. Almost 90 percent of consumers say they’re unlikely to make another purchase from a retailer who provided poor product information the first time around.

Who cares? Well, online brands and retailers should because returns due to poor product descriptions are bad for business. They implode your profit margins, throw your hard-earned conversion rate out of whack, tank your retention, and threaten your reputation.

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom around here. At Plytix, we founded our business on helping ecommerce professionals succeed. And that’s exactly why we set out to recognize excellence in product copy in this installment of our esteemed Best Online Shopping Experience awards series (check out the photography installment here).

The list you’re about to read is the result of our pouring over more than a thousand sports and leisure websites from all around the web and the world. After dozens of hours of careful analysis, our team was able to curate some of the best product copy in the sports and leisure biz.

Each website had to meet several key standards to be ranked among the best in online product copy, including:

  • Copy that brings to light details that the visuals couldn’t
  • Copy that adds to the perceived value of a product
  • Copy that furthers the brand’s messaging and mission

Without further ado, let’s explore the websites that give ecommerce businesses a bar to aim for when it comes to creating product copy that works.


If you’re going to try to sell high-dollar exercise equipment online—you better have descriptive product copy to back it up. With incredibly detailed landing pages that walk shoppers through each product’s specs, features, and benefits; ProForm proves they have it in spades.

OneUp Components

Mountain biking enthusiasts know that bike parts aren’t just pricey, they’re also extremely specific. Getting the wrong part can ruin your wallet as well as your day out on the trails. OneUp Components puts shoppers at ease by providing more details than we even knew existed as well as instructions for using their pedals, posts, axels, and more.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Replete with details about each product’s weight and features, plugs for related items, and tips on how to choose the right size gear for your adventure—Hyperlite may go light on gear weight but they go heavy on information in their product copy. 


We didn’t think a website with gorgeous design would go the extra mile to also dial in its product copy, but Barebones proved us wrong. Sketches, history lessons, detailed specs, recipes, and even a few videos really round out each description for Barebones’ premium-priced outdoor products. 

Barebones example


Backpacker's Pantry

As a purveyor of dehydrated food, Backpacker’s Pantry has to fight an uphill battle to make their food sound delicious and nutritious despite the expectation for “astronaut food” to be dry and tasteless. Their detailed product descriptions, ingredients and allergens lists, and preparation instructions somehow make us feel well-informed and hungry all at the same time. 

Hala Gear

The product copy that accompanies each of Hala Gear’s inflatable stand up paddleboards includes a detailed rundown of specs, a great description of everything you get with your purchase, and recommendations for how and where to use your new SUP. Just like their tagline says, you’ll indeed be rigged for adventure after reading Hala Gear’s product copy.


CCM sure has a lot to say for a bunch of toothless hockey players (kidding!). On a more serious note, their descriptive product category landing pages and product descriptions that are both informative and easy to read makes them a great example for how great a sporting goods website can be with a little attention to detail. 

CCM Example


Effetto Mariposa

We never thought bicycle maintenance products could have so many details until now. Whether it’s an air pump, a tube to inflate a bike tire, or a jersey; Effetto Mariposa has no shortage of copy about features, characteristics, material, and assembly for each of their products.


When it comes to edible products that are meant to boost performance and immunity, people want to be sure of what they’re putting into their bodies. Nuun reassures fitness fanatics with product copy that describes Nuun’s ingredient and nutrition facts, how to use it, and testimonials from happy customers.


Breezer does a great job of driving home the value of their premium bicycles. Landing pages for each bike feature not only great photography but product copy that covers everything from features to use cases, geometry, specs, and sizing.

Body Glide

Anti-chafing balm is probably a hard sell for people who have never heard of or tried such a product. However, Body Glide’s product copy makes that uncertainty more certain by creating product copy that hits key topics like application, pain relief, skin safety, and more—without forgetting the important details about ingredients and directions for use.


Haydenshapes sets itself apart from many other watersports websites with its landing page copy for each surfboard category. With comparisons to their other products, detailed measurements taken from every angle, and a dynamic chart that recommends a board based on your ability and size; it’s not hard to see why Haydenshapes’ boards have become bestsellers around the world.

Haydenshapes example



Forks and frames and brakes, oh my! Any bicycling nerd knows that a lot of care goes into selecting the just-right bike. 3T makes it easier for shoppers to make that call with well-organized and deeply detailed product copy about each element of the bikes they sell—from handlebar to tire.

Bending Branches

With a level of detail you don’t often see applied to copy about paddles, each of Bending Branches’ product descriptions comes complete with weight, size, and material details for both the blade and the shaft—as well as plenty of other specs and helpful tips on usage.


AbsoluteBLACK understands that product copy is the first line of defense when it comes to providing great customer service and preventing returns. That’s why their product copy goes into great depth about specs, unique features, and directions on how to mount and adjust each of their chainrings and accessories.


You would hope a recognized brand would have their shit together when it comes to product copy—and Bowflex delivers. Landing pages for each product category let you see the products in action, read testimonials, and compare models. Individual product pages dig into details about each item’s features, workouts, financing info, shipping details, and more.

Bowflex example



With products that are meant to keep kids, pets, and other precious cargo safe while biking, you better believe Burley knows how to create a powerful product description. In addition to the standard specs, Burley includes videos and tons of details about the technology, safety features, and replacement parts that will make them a staple in your garage for years to come.


With all kinds of copy about each sail’s size, luff, boom, battens, recommended mast, and more—Loftsails makes it easy for the serious windsurfer to find the best product for them. And if you’re not quite convinced, the thoughtful copy about features, benefits, colorways, and testimonials that accompanies each product certainly won’t hurt. 


If you want to sell a product as novel as an inflatable tent, you have to have copy that clearly explains what that means and why people need it. Fortunately, Heimplanet understands that need and uses their product copy to describe all the awesome features of their inflatable tents and how they hold up against traditional, poled tents.

Heimplanet Example


Nearly 90 percent of buyers are willing to pay more if a brand or retailer provides excellent customer experience—and product copy is a major part of both the in-the-moment shopping experience as well as ongoing customer satisfaction once a product arrives at their doorstep.

If you find it difficult to maintain excellent copy across all your products and sales platforms, we can’t blame you. In fact, you’re the very person for whom we built Plytix—the first product information management software created just for product folks to centralize, optimize, distribute, and analyze important product assets (Yep, that includes product copy!). Plytix is a powerful yet easy-to-use platform no matter your company size, product type, or number of sales channels.

Get in touch with a PIM expert (just hit the chat bubble on our home page) or sign up for one of our packages today!

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