Eat like a bird, poo like an elephant - Growth hacking tips

August 1, 2016 | by Emma Kobylenski

Growth hacking is a scrappy, experiment-based strategy that propels your business' growth while being as efficient with your resources as possible. For startups with more time than money, this technique is a no-brainer.

At Plytix, this idea of efficiency and growth is built right into our philosophy. We take the modern proverb by Guy Kawasaki to the heart: Eat like a bird, poo like an elephant. This essentially means that we should aim to create the biggest impact or output with the smallest necessary input of resources.

The world moves too fast to waste time in low-traction channels. Consumer attention spans also force us to be unorthodox. Our CEO, Morten Poulsen is well versed in growth hacking techniques and has shared some tips and tricks with the guys over at SEEDCapital.

Check out the article from our CEO Morten Hellesøe Poulsen, Sebastian Kinegaard, and SEEDCapital at:

Growth Hacking – 5 ways to find those little growth hacks that will make your business BIG!

Growth Hacking - Eat like a bird, poo like an elephant

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Emma Kobylenski
Written by Emma Kobylenski

Product Manager at Plytix

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