Plytix Feature Updates 2021

Plytix Feature Updates 2021

March 10, 2021 | by Plytix

πŸ“Œ Check this post periodically for the latest updates and releases from Plytix. 

Updated on 27 May 2021



πŸš€ Better control over which users can import content

With Import Permissions, admins of a PRO account can now decide which users can import content. 

import permissions


πŸš€ More options for scheduling channel processing

Now you can schedule CSV, XLSX, and XML channels on a monthly, weekly, daily, or periodic-hourly level. 

1. processing channel


πŸš€ More attribute columns in your product overview 

Now you can see up to 50 attribute columns in the product table overview.  

50 attribute columns product overview



πŸš€ More import logs

Now you can see up to 25 of your last import logs and reports.

Example of Logo Import in PIM


πŸš€ New Design for Brand Portal management and Export Logs

The Plytix platform is catching up in terms of design. We have worked hard to ensure that the Brand Portals and Export Logs get the modern look you'll love. 


πŸš€ Improved mobile display for public Brand Portals

We've rolled out a more responsive display for public Brand Portals, so no matter which device your visitors are on, they will have a more consistent experience. 


πŸš€ Link assets to a static list from the overview

Now you can add assets to a static list directly from the asset overview. This makes it easier to create asset packages for your Brand Portals and customers.

asset overview bulk option


πŸš€ Linked products column in asset overview

When browsing your assets, get a clear idea of how many products are linked to that asset. Click on the icon to see a list of the products associated with that asset. 

view linked products

πŸš€ In-depth billing overview

Now you can see more details about your subscription all in one place. Go to your admin account and check out the new "Plan" tab to see more.plytix billing overview


πŸš€ Search bar for attributes in product editing view

Find and update your attributes faster with this nifty little search bar we installed in the product editing view. 



πŸš€ Import Products to a Static List

This new import option will create a new Static List from your imported products. 



πŸš€ $IS_VARIATION Property for Computed Attributes

Use this property to identify if a product is or is not an attribute in Computed Attribute formulas. Check out all the available properties and how to use special properties.



πŸš€ New Design for PDF Section

PDF Templates are being renamed to "Product Sheets" and are getting a new look. Not to worry, nothing has changed in terms of access to your templates. This is part of a larger effort to update the Plytix platform to a more modern look and feel by switching our front-end technology to This switch will help us deploy features faster, and provide a smoother user experience throughout Plytix.


πŸš€ New Design for Channels Section

The "Channels" feature has gotten a face-lift. This is part of a larger effort to update the Plytix platform to a more modern look and feel by switching our front-end technology to This switch will help us deploy features faster, and provide a smoother user experience throughout Plytix. 


πŸš€ See Missing Attributes in Completeness Attributes

Now you can see all the attributes that are missing from your Completeness Attributes without navigating away from the Product Editing area. 


πŸš€ Select All Assets When Linking To Products

When linking your assets to your products, you can now select all the assets.


πŸš€ Search Bar for Attributes Tab

We've now added a search bar to the attributes tab of Channels, E-Catalogs, and Product Sheets so that you can quickly find the attributes you want to reformat. 


πŸš€ Hide and Show Empty Nodes for XML Builder

Now you have the option to hide or show empty nodes in the XML Builder


πŸš€ Text Extraction Operations: LEFT, RIGHT, MID

New formulas for Computed Attributes that help you extract text from different parts of a string.



πŸš€ Conditional Operation: SUMIF

New conditional math formula to make setting up custom prices and amounts easier.


πŸš€ Rounding Operations: CEILING and FLOOR

New formulas for Computed Attributes to give you a more exact rounding result.


πŸš€ Filtering Operations: CONTAINS_ANY and CONTAINS_ALL

New formulas for Computed Attributes to help you identify if an attribute includes a word, phrase, or number. 


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