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January 20, 2016 | by Stine Halmind

In this post, our social media marketing intern Sherilyn discusses what its like to work at a startup on the Costa del Sol. From the city to the company culture, she reflects on the rewarding and challenging aspects of intern life. 

On 26 September 2015, I arrived in Málaga, Spain, for a four month internship in the IT startup Plytix. I was happy to see the sun because autumn was already starting to show in my home country, The Netherlands. It felt good to get an extra long summer, and I was more than excited to start my new adventure at Plytix.


Coming to Málaga

I soon fell in love with the city of Málaga. This seemed like the place to be! I was stunned by the architecture in the historical center, the food, the beach - and of course the 26 degree weather! I had never been to Spain, other than the Canary Islands, so I was curious to discover more about the country.

The moment I stepped into the Plytix office, I knew this company was different. The office is not like most offices; it is a traditional Andalusian mansion that faces the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish mountains. The best part is that the office does not give you that ‘office feeling’, as the elegant villa has preserved its original state with tile floors, wooden doors, and stained glass in some of the windows.

If you feel like working on the terrace, you can. If you want to work in the livingroom, where everyone has there own desk, you can! When you need a break, you can go sit on the swing, lay in the bean bags or go upstairs to the gaming room (!). This Mediterranean work-environment gives us the best inspiration and energy to give our very best.


Working at Plytix

When I arrived, my new colleagues already knew who I was and seemed very excited to have me on the team. It is a very diverse team, as people from all over the world work in this innovative company, although most are of course Danish and Spanish like to two founders. I was happy to see that the communication in Plytix is very open and that everyone made sure to give me a warm welcome.

You would think that working at Plytix is almost like being on holiday, but that is not the case. Which is a good thing! The company is still a startup and everyone’s input is crucial. People structure their own work and make their own time schedule, but when deadline comes, it is expected that the work is finished.


Being the Intern

As the social media marketing intern, I had the responsibility of keeping the outside world up-to-date on life and work in Plytix via our social media platforms. Our key goal was to create awareness, listen to our audience and build relationships with potential customers. I definitely learned a lot here. I learned how to communicate, as a company, to the outside world by creating a social media marketing plan, writing exciting content, analyzing social media performance and presenting the findings to our CEO.

Although I learned a lot, I also had some challenges during this internship. In the beginning I was not quite sure how Plytix wanted to present itself to the world, how to create good content, what kind of content I should post, when to post it, and so on. But thanks to all the people that helped me overcome this challenge, I feel like I now know a lot more about social media marketing.


Final Thoughts

In Plytix, everyone works closely together and knows what is happening in each department of the company. Working for Plytix not only gave me better skills in my own field, it also gave me more knowledge about e-commerce, product analytics, and the tech field in general.

Although I miss home in The Netherlands, I think I will miss working in the Plytix office. I do not think I could ask for a better first internship experience than this.

I want to thank everyone in the Plytix team for this experience. I had a great time and I will miss you all!


plytix team
The Plytix team on the terrace


Stine Halmind
Written by Stine Halmind

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