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Why Resellers Should Adopt a PIM

Why Resellers Should Adopt a PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) has been around since the early 1990s, and for a good reason. Running a business is hard, but old-school data storage makes it a nightmare. This is where a central source of truth comes into play. 

This tool is particularly valuable for ecommerce businesses. Because descriptions, prices, photos, and more, are just easier to manage when they’re all in one place. 

The role of PIM for resellers in ecommerce 

When PIM comes to mind, it’s often associated with corporate giants that have big budgets. It’s also compared to an ERP or inventory management system for manufacturers or distributors, but it’s so much more than that. No matter the size of your business, a product information database is key. Especially for resellers.

As a reseller, you also have product information and visual assets to store somewhere, right? While you might not have to account for thousands of inventory and stock, it's still practical. Why would you opt for scattered spreadsheets or Dropbox folders when you can reap the benefits of a free PIM tool that centralizes all your content and improves marketing potential?

Here's why you should invest in an automation system for your data:

1. Everyone benefits from centralized data 

Has your data management experience been the best? Probably not. Sure, you may not keep thousands of stock as a distributor does, but you still have your own inventory to manage. For example, your product SKUs, images, manuals, technical spec sheets, marketing data, descriptions, and prices need to be stored somewhere. As your business grows, so do your product lists. Managing all of that data anywhere other than a product content management system means you will:

  • Experience lagging, clunky spreadsheets
  • More likely to make costly errors 
  • Spend hours doing manual entries 
  • Experience challenges in sharing information externally 
  • Struggle to keep track of content, especially if stored in various places 
  • Hinder business opportunities as you cannot grow content at scale

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets or hassles when sharing product information, and hello to simplicity. PIM software will help you save time by eliminating manual data entry. This reduces the chance of errors and speeds up the time to market.

2. Able to share product content effortlessly 

The simplicity of having a PIM tool is a game-changer. Now when you need to share your product list for restocking to a distributor, manufacturer, or wholesaler, you can have all your data in one place. You don’t need to go back and forth with Excel sheets, or need a designer to help you make the perfect product catalog. 

With Plytix Brand Portals, you can create and share online catalogs in minutes. 


Whether it's in response to a customer inquiry about a product range or wanting to see what you have in stock, you can send a customized catalog to your customers in real-time. Using an automated system like this, customers can easily select the product they want and request a quote immediately. This ease of access helps improve your customer relationships and customer experiences from afar.

With brand portals, you can also create personalized ecatalogs to cater to the unique needs of your audiences. Depending on your commercial agreement with manufacturers, you might be able to make the product your own. This means you can create and market the product through your own branding and messaging.

This is also a great way to get your customers to familiarize themselves with your branding so that you always leave a memorable impression on consumers. 

Apart from this feature being a great way to market to different audiences, you can share information with smaller retailers; and whomever in your company.  Plytix PIM has an unlimited user feature, allowing permitted employees on-demand access to your data quickly. This encourages a hands-on approach by all.

3. Easier to manage your performance 

While not all PIMs come with an analytics feature, Plytix does.

Our analytics tool is integrated with Google Analytics, allowing you to truly experience what we mean by a centralized, single source of truth for data.


You will be able to analyze your product performance and optimize your content in the PIM. It shows you valuable information like how many views a specific product has, how many times it’s been added or checked out. It also can compare various channels, helping you to see where your products tend to sell the most.

This is ideal for resellers, as it helps you track individual products your customers are interested in. This guides you on whether you should stop selling a specific product, find a more relevant solution, or market it to a broader audience.

4. Can successfully integrate with various channels 

You want to reach new customers through various channels and touchpoints. However, customers move from web shops to marketplaces, CSE’s, and social ecommerce in one sitting, and every seller is trying to grab their attention. 

But, it’s one thing selling on various Channels and another ranking so that your customers can find you. To win online, you need to optimize your content with the use of targeted keywords, in the relevant language, and focus on product listing optimization. This will ensure each product meets your marketing needs.

With the right PIM software, you can enrich content well beyond the limited fields offered by sales channels. This strategic process also ensures that you tweak content to meet the requirements of a specific marketplace. You can store channel-specific information so it's easier to integrate with multiple channels.

Step up your reseller game with a PIM 

The benefits of product information management aren’t only for a specific business type, it’s beneficial for all. Whether you make the product, store it or sell it to consumers, data management is a never-ending and tedious process that best serves you when automated. Think of all the issues you’ve had with your old data management system? Do you want that to be what is hindering your success in an industry with so many fruitful opportunities? The short answer is no.

Sign up for our next-generation PIM. Our user-friendly system is and built for collaboration so that your teams are on the same page and can work together without any silos. For more information on Plytix, book a personalized demo. 

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