People Operations Specialist

Malaga, Spain 

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We’re looking for a motivated and team-oriented People Operations Specialist to join our team! We want someone who’s ready to jump into our unique company culture and become the first smiling face that new candidates see when getting to know Plytix. Most of our team is based in Malaga, so it would be great if you could see yourself living there too.

What is Plytix?

This is where you’d typically see a long paragraph of boring text that no one reads, peppered with corporate buzzwords that don’t mean anything. But Plytix is no typical company, so we’ll spare you from that. Instead, watch this video, and if you like what you see, keep scrolling.

What’s the opportunity?

This is your opportunity to help nurture and grow our warm and quirky culture. It’s an opportunity to help build a dynamic team for a full-blown scale-up—filling our ever-growing team with members who are just as unique and motivated as we are! We’re certified as a Great Place to Work, so this is your chance to continue the legacy (and, who knows, maybe you’ll help make it an even greater place to work!)

What will you be doing?

You’ll be a major player in helping our company culture flourish. Our employees’ satisfaction comes first in our hearts, so you’ll get to plan fun activities, retreats, and more special surprises—just to keep those smiles beaming! Nurturing and growing our culture among our employees will be the core of your work. You’ll take charge in bringing awareness to our culture, while actively searching for our newest Plytix team members. People are what make Plytix so special, so drawing attention to the right candidates will help build up a strong and dedicated team as we continue to grow. You’ll also be the face of Plytix when attending events and participating in talks about the Plytix culture. Our candidates will be welcomed by you and will see you as their trusted advisor throughout the entire hiring process.

After 1 month:

You’ll start off by learning about PIM and how we serve our customers. You’ll also be able to map the entire Plytix organization and will have had 1:1s with amazing people across all teams in the company. You’ll be immersed in the company, and you’ll understand the culture and what makes us unique. You’ll master our interview processes and learn about the reasoning behind the hiring process.

After 3 months: 

After 3 months you’ll be running interviews without a second thought. You’ll be getting the Plytix name out there and showing the world what the Plytix brand is truly all about. Our newest team members will be thanking you for helping them get through the hiring process, and will always remember how kind you were to them in their first interview (even though they were really nervous). You’ll be right on your way to forming what is the heart and core of Plytix.

6 months in:

At this stage, you will be a superstar and a true brand ambassador of the Plytix culture and brand. You’ll be recruiting the best candidates that are a great fit for the company. When it comes to finding new talent, your confidence and people skills are what will hone the best of the best. You’ll also be participating in events and talks about People Operations at Plytix and helping candidates through your own experiences. And, most importantly, you will be happy and enjoy the success that comes from your hard work.

Who will you be working with?

You’ll be working very closely with the other members of the HR and Office team. Both teams work together to ensure that our team members feel at home and have everything they need to do their best work! But it doesn't stop there, one of the best things about being a part of the HR team is that you get exposure and opportunities to work with all of the amazing teams at Plytix.

We expect you to:

  • Have a fluent level of English and Spanish
  • Have prior recruitment experience
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and presentation skills 
  • Show a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Be able to quickly build and maintain strong relationships
  • Be a motivated self-starter with a passion for leadership
  • Have excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Be a strong team player with a warm, friendly personality

Nice to have

  • Studies related to Psychology
  • Previous HR experience (but it’s not necessary!)

Why work at Plytix?

❤️ Be a part of a welcoming culture with bright, friendly people from around the world
🌱 Have a purpose and plenty of opportunities to grow from day one
🖥 Work from home or from our offices in the center of Malaga
💰 Competitive full-time salary
🏡 Flexible working hours and unlimited remote days
🍲 Catered, free lunches and unlimited ice cream when working from the office
🏋 More perks (differs depending on which office you belong to)
🎂Don’t work on your birthday—enjoy an extra day of paid time off

About our culture

At Plytix, we don't have boring mission statements and corporate values that no one reads. We operate from a simple guiding principle that's easy to remember:

"Don't be a jerk, don't hold back, and don't forget to have fun."

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