PFF Packaging: Innovation & Operational Efficiency

PFF Packaging: Innovation & Operational Efficiency

PFF Packaging Group, founded in 1992, is one of the UK’s largest independent food packaging manufacturers. Their thirst for the cutting-edge lead them to create an innovation center that aims to incubate and launch great new ideas and concepts in the development of packaging. Not only are they pioneers in their field, they are innovative in-house as well. They strive to stay at the head of the pack with new tech and operational efficiency.

We spoke to Harry Bairstow, their Packing Technologist, about his role in the company and how they are using the Plytix PIM to maintain their innovative edge.

What is your role at the company?

My main responsibilities as Packing Technologist are new product development and bringing innovation to the company. My vision is to bring some parts of this company out of the dark ages, I would like to fully utilize the power of technology for the business. My favorite part of the job is being able to bring new ideas to the business that will have positive impacts.

Why Plytix?

The idea for a system like Plytix came from the need for an easily accessible database of all our products so that our sales team would have access to all necessary information when finding products for our customers. Before we started using Plytix we were essentially limited to Excel spreadsheets for managing our product data. We are a team of about 20 people across two different sites in Keighley and Newcastle. This meant that if anyone edited the spreadsheets, the updates would not be available for others unless they explicitly shared the new version.

My favorite part about using Plytix is being able to easily manage huge amounts of data in an easily accessible format so we can keep everything up to date. It has eliminated the spreadsheet problem and makes it possible for us to have accurate information at all times. 

We currently manage about 450 products in Plytix, but we are still in the early days and haven’t fully rolled out our online catalogue yet. However, Plytix has already made us more productive because it has removed the need to run our data off of spreadsheets. Our sales team can now access all the product information when they are out and about, which makes their jobs much more efficient.

It is significantly easier to use our data in this way. In a few words, it’s easy, streamlined, and useful.

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