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Gone are the days of spending hours searching for product content, manually formatting, downloading, and sending it out.
By creating e-catalogs, you can send an auto-updating digital portal of your products to all collaborators, including resellers, distributors, sales teams and more...
E-catalogs Eva Solo


  • SMART E-Catalogs are linked directly to your PIM, so any changes made to your products are reflected in the Catalogs automatically. 
  • VALID  Eliminate internal and external data errors,  knowing your sales teams, resellers, press and more, will always have the latest copy.
  • SIMPLE Easy, digestible layout - view all products, information and associated media in an organized and pretty way.
  • REACH Send your Catalog literally anywhere using the sharing and embedding links.  Your content will also be downloadable in multiple formats, and your Catalog users can even order directly from them.
At Plytix we've built simple tools and features that allow you to grow your brand, and e-Catalogs are a part of this. Create e-Catalogs in just four easy steps:
E- catalog steps
Shred E-Catalog

We use Plytix for our eCommerce catalog. I can now deploy Sale programs, new collections and product description updates in minutes rather than hours or days. That greatly benefits our reaction time online and also the quality of the published content.

Francesco Baldisserri - COO at Shredoptics



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