Head of Marketing

Malaga, Spain (or remote)

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We're looking for someone with a proven track record to lead our marketing team at Plytix. Our current marketing team is located in Malaga, Spain. It would be great if the person to lead them would be too, but we care more about getting the right candidate and less about where that person gets out of bed in the morning.

What is Plytix?

This is where you’d typically see a long paragraph of boring text that no one reads, peppered with corporate buzzwords that don’t mean anything. But Plytix is no typical company, so we’ll spare you from that. Instead, watch this video, and if you like what you see, keep scrolling.

What’s the opportunity?

This is your opportunity to lead a marketing team that will take Plytix from single-digits millions in annual revenue to triple digits. It’s an opportunity to form part of a diverse executive team in a full blown scale-up and to create your legacy as a hyper-growth CMO.

What will you be doing?

You will be leading a marketing team of 7, and of course growing it. Marketing is the cornerstone of our growth engine. Unlike other SaaS companies, we don’t have a sales department responsible for cold calling (aren’t those just the worst?). Instead we rely exclusively on marketing to bring in leads. Our marketing department is responsible for bringing awareness to our platform and generating lots of qualified leads. Leads that eventually grow into customers. And we love customers—they’re what drives us. 

The team you’ll be leading handles everything from video, SEM, SEO, review sites, and social media all the way to remarketing. So we expect you to be familiar with those concepts, in theory and in practice. In the future we would also like to experiment with PR, product marketing, and any new idea you bring to the table.

After 1 month:

You’ll know what multichannel commerce is and how PIM plays a critical part of any multichannel commerce strategy. You will be able to map the entire Plytix organization and will have had 1:1s with amazing people across all our teams. You will have concluded your tour of duty in the Customer Success department (a must for any new hire) and fully understand our customers and their challenges. You’ll be familiar with our growth engine along with all of our marketing activities.

After 3 months:

You’re effectively running the marketing department now. You’re part of every executive meeting and the CEO no longer gives you a marketing budget—you set the budgets and you can make a damn good case to get them approved. At this stage, you’re starting to set things in motion that will deliver transformational results. 

6 months in:

You’re already seeing the first signs of transformational results and now you’re on stage bragging about them at our company all-hands. During your show and tell, you’ll notice a distinct satisfied smile across our CEO’s face. It’s the kind of smile that tells you that he’s thinking “Yes! Now we’re talking.” And from this point onwards, we reach for the stars.

Who will you be working with?

You’ll be working with a team covering web, graphic design, SEO, SEM, video production, and product marketing. All highly capable, high achieving and data driven young talents who can change the world if provided the proper leadership. You’ll also work directly with the rest of the executive team and you can expect to take part in quarterly board meetings too.

We expect you to:

  • Speak native-level English 
  • Be extremely data driven and analytical
  • Have outstanding communication skills 
  • Have hands-on experience with Google Analytics, Google Ads, remarketing, PR, SEO, and YouTube
  • Be a great leader
  • But above all, you need the confidence to put a calm hand on the CEO’s shoulder and say “I’ve got this”—and then have abilities to actually deliver on that promise

What’s not needed?

  • Arrogance and a tech bro attitude
  • A dog, but it can’t hurt either. Dog people are the best.

Why work at Plytix?

❤️   Be a part of a welcoming culture with bright, friendly people from around the world
🌱   Have a purpose and plenty of opportunities to grow from day one
🖥   Work from home or from our offices in the center of Malaga
💰   Competitive full-time salary and stock options
🏡   Flexible working hours and unlimited remote days
🍲   Catered, free lunches and unlimited ice cream when working from the office
🏋   More perks (differs depending on which office you belong to)

About our culture

Each member of our team is unique, but we all have a few things in common:

  • Trustworthy: We take our responsibility towards our users and their data seriously. We are transparent with them and each other.
  • Friendly: Whether you're a part of the team or a user, you can count on us to be positive, open, and ready to jump in and help out.
  • Competent: Learning is a lifelong process. Across departments, we strive to be the best at what we do so that together we can give our users the best experience.
  • Fair: Common sense and fairness guide everything we do, all the way from the price and design of our product, down to the little decisions we make every day.
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