Neutral color water bottle and luxury homeware designer products from Eva Solo

Eva Solo works more efficiently by saving hours on product information management.

Eva solo has been around for over a century now, and their distinctive products have evolved based on the developments which have taken place in the modern home. Today, the company is known for the functional and high-quality design of its products. 

With head offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, but products sold world-wide, they are everyday looking to take the next evolutionary step in developing the next generation of Eva Solo products.

"Plytix helps us save a lot of time [...], I do not think any of us predicted how much of a help Plytix would be for us.

International Marketing & Sales coordinator, Kathrine Engelbrecht works with Plytix, and a team of 26 sales and marketing, to strengthen the cooperation and relationship between the two departments. Before Plytix, the teams life revolved around different drives, bunches of folder, and then having to match the corresponding files and images. 

Kathrine and her team now use Plytix PIM features to organize all the different bits of information, as well as save time finding the relevant information. By sharing custom product catalogs to produce custom data sheets for individual clients and partners, Kathrine and her team can work more efficiently. They also use the Plytix catalog as a press-kit to ensure brand consistency when selling their products online through different channels. Check out how Eva Solo's product information needs have been transformed using Plytix, by downloading the full case study below.

Download the complete case study

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