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PDF Catalogs

Gone are the days of relying on advanced graphic design skills and expensive inDesign integrations to produce a catalog.
Within minutes you can create sexy, print catalogs that are not just great to look at, but also help to communicate your brand, latest product collections, data sheets, specifications and much  more...
The best bit? They can contain as much information as is necessary to help your consumers make the decision to buy your products.
PDF Catalogs Home of Living Brands example


  • SIMPLE No graphic design skills required. Custom design your own PDFs, create unlimited templates for your print catalogs.
  • SMART Save time on manually updating product and image layouts - automation PIM features do it for you
  • FLEXIBLE Create catalogs, price lists, data specifications, brochures and more
  • SCALABLE Ideal for team collaboration, catalogs help your sales teams work smarter, and get your products to your market faster.

At Plytix we've built easy-to-use tools and features that allow you to grow your brand, and PDF catalogs are no different. Create your print Catalogs in just four simple steps:

PDF line
V-TAC PDF Catalog

Amazing! It is easy to use/quick to access all our data. We love the catalog function and being able to link the database to our systems for quick update of the information.


Dheeraj Bhojwani - Product Manager V-TAC  Innovative LED Lighting



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