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Omnichannel Retail Masterclass:

The Power of Products - Designed for Colleges,
Universities and Academic Institutions

This Omnichannel Retail Masterclass provides a real-life learning opportunity.
In this class, Students will gain knowledge of the tools, strategies, processes and
best practices, that will allow them to put the theory into practice,
and overcome challenges faced in today's retail environment.

Who is this programme for?

University or Educational Institution

If you’re a University or Educational Institution offering courses on Retail, Channel Management, Product Management, Advertising & Public Relations, Marketing Management, or any related courses.

Courses are taught in English

For organizations whereby the relevant course(s) are taught in English. This is mainly because all of the materials and content will be provided in English. Localized content is up for consideration for future programmes.

Last year of University or Professionals

The syllabus is perfect for students in their last year(s) of University, or for professionals taking a specialist course or masters degree in Retail or Marketing Management.

Keen to find out more? Download the masterclass breakdown.

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Download the masterclass breakdown

In this masterclass, we'll work with trusted, industry-approved companies,
to name just a few:

Shopify Logo

Google Adwords

Google Analytics



Google Manufacturer Center

How can I be sure this Masterclass is reliable?

Our class provides real value and knowledge to students and teachers that can be used immediately. Not just ‘nice to read’ content, but a programme based on real data - pulled together by industry experts, digital brands and user case studies. 

How can I be sure this curriculum is reliable?

Check out the framework we apply to SMBs to improve performance, and compete in retail.

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