The easiest way to analyze your product data

Ecommerce analytics under the same roof as your product content so you can act on your insights faster.

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Bring data and content together

Bring data and content together

Analyzing product performance and optimizing product content in the same place just makes sense. Notice that a change to your product description boosted sales on Amazon? You’re one click away from implementing that change on more products and capturing more sales.

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Analytics at a glance

See what matters at a glance

Too much of a good thing is possible when it comes to data. Filter out the noise and focus on the metrics that really matter for ecommerce. Segment sales channels and products and follow them from impressions to checkout.

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Analyze your products, your way

Analyze your products, your way

Create dynamic product lists in Plytix based on any combination of attributes, and see the metrics for those products instantly. You’ll forget that deep product analysis wasn’t always this easy.

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“It's easy to use and it's organized. It gives you a great idea of what you're selling and what your bestsellers are and what could use improvement and where the sales are coming from.”

Brenda L, Director of Digital Marketing

An ecommerce analytics tool made for the way you sell today

  • Centralized data from all your domains and products 

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard

  • Direct connection with Google Analytics

  • Flexible segmentation of product and channel groups

  • Comparison graph and data table views

  • Product impressions by location and channel

  • Checkout funnel metrics for cart abandonment insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Brands identify which GTINs (aka UPC or EAN) they own and then automatically receive data for those products on a daily basis.

  • See data from all your owned properties in one place
  • Instantly pull in data from your retailers
  • Segment your data using advanced filtering based on product attributes in the PIM to analyze for things like category, price point, or region sold in. (This is going to save you a ton of time, we promise.)
  • Interpret the data at a glance thanks to our easy-to-understand dashboard

Our Google Analytics integration and analytics data are included in all of our plans, including our free plan, which is free forever!