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Product-level metrics

Scope by Plytix provides the first product specific metrics for an industry that has product specific needs. Control inventory, run A/B price tests, and make better merchandising decisions.   


Cross-domain analytics

Keep all your data in one place. Scope consolidates all your product performance data from all your domains. Drill down into each channel and product for unparalleled insight into product performance.


Custom segmentation

You are free to group your products however you want for easy comparison and accurate benchmarking. Make better decisions in inventory, marketing, sales, and product development with targeted insights.


Simple Set Up

Get up and running in 5 minutes or less. No complicated coding or event tracking necessary. Check out our documentation to get started.


Improve customer experience

Merchandise effectively and optimize your assortment to create a positive experience for your online customers. Give them what they want, when and where they want it without all the guesswork.


Identify opportunities

Ramp up marketing efforts for particular products or regions. Discover opportunities for upselling and stay ahead of product trends. Identify channel success markers that will keep your business running strong.


Product analytics made easy

Why wouldn't you want all your product performance data in one place? Scope  is the only product analytics platform that tracks across multiple domains and gives you the freedom to segment your products however you want. Get started today for free.


The data we get from Plytix is crucial for our SCM team for inventory planning.

Emil Bl├Ždel Nygaard | bObles

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