Get product metrics from all your resellers 

Plytix can pull product metrics directly from yours and your resellers' Google Analytics accounts. No development required.

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Plytix Analytics

It is such a seamless process that saves you so much time dealing with third parties. It has completely changed the way we work. It saves us and our retailers a lot of effort.

Ana C. - Category Manager

Simple and 100% accurate

A simple interface that's user friendly and reliable. Turn data into insights, and insights into actions.

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Plytix Analytics overview

Easy to connect

Plytix pulls your data directly from Google Analytics, including all historic data.

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Easy to connect with Google Analytics

Cross-domain tracking

That’s right! You can collect analytics data from all your resellers' websites. (For verified brands only)

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Better benchmarks

Interested in seeing how this year's winter collection
compares to last year? No problem!

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Feature highlights

Product Impressions

Product impressions

Understand your product real estate better by getting a breakdown of product impressions by location and channel to make better marketing and merchandising decisions.

Product Funnel Metrics

Product funnel metrics

Track from listing views all the way to checkout and purchase to help control inventory, understand cart abandonment, and find opportunities at every stage of the buyer journey.

Centralized Data

Centralized data

Keep all your data in one place. Plytix consolidates all your product performance data from all your domains and products. Drill down into each channel and product for unparalleled insight into product performance.

Flexible segmentation

Flexible segmentation

For easy comparison and accurate benchmarking, create your own product and channel groups, like collections, ad groups, or regions. Divide and conquer your data.

Cross-domain tracking

Cross-domain tracking

Why wouldn't you want all your product performance data in one place?

Plytix PIM is the only product analytics platform that tracks across multiple domains and gives you the freedom to segment your products however you want.

Easy to understand dashboard

Easy-to-understand dashboard

A lot of analytics tools can be overwhelming and hard to understand. Plytix is just the opposite. The analytics dashboard is easy to understand so you can focus on what really matters.

Simple Set Up 

Simple set up 

No complicated coding necessary. Pull data directly from Google Analytics. It takes less than a minute to set up.

Better insights

Better insights

With analytics and PIM in one tool, you get more data points, which means better and more actionable insights.

Available in Open Beta! All you need is a Plytix Account

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