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Why Plytix?

It's 2019, and PIM is the modern day tool that offers all of the features necessary to boost your ecommerce growth. Plytix offers PIM for free!

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Why Plytix
Product Information Management

Product Information Management

A Powerful, robust system - built with automation in mind and applying the newest technologies to respond faster than any other PIM on the market. Become the master of your product data.

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Multi-channel marketing

More sales channels means more optimized content to remain competitive online.

At Plytix, our multi-channel features allow you to connect your content with any 3rd party system. Drive ecommerce growth with PIM.

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Multichannel marketing


Plytix offers an easy to use and fully customizable catalog software, where you can build beautiful catalogs - no graphic design skills needed! Discover all growth opportunities for your brand with Catalogs.

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Product-based Analytics

Plytix offers cross-channel, third-party analytics, on an individual product-level. Use Product Analytics to make smarter product marketing decisions.

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Product-based analytics

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