PIM vs Spreadsheets

Product Information Management (PIM) or Spreadsheets?
How do they actually compare when talking about managing your product data?

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Head to head comparison

We've asked industry-leading experts to identify the 9 most important elements of managing product information. And then we asked them to compare Plytix PIM with a spreadsheet.


Product Data Management

Working without PIM almost always means scattered product data across multiple spreadsheets, and time wasted finding exactly what you’re after. PIM allows you to have the latest version of all your product data in one easy-to-access place.


Digital Asset Management

Ever tried storing an image in a spreadsheet? It never ends well. PIM has unlimited DAM capabilities to keep all files and multimedia content safe and up-to-date. Manage images, videos, graphics, and files in one place, linked directly to your products.


Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering in Excel requires expert knowledge. With PIM, you can easily filter on multiple attributes and conditions to find exactly what you’re looking for. Save product filters as lists to use in your workflow and even syndication.


Bulk Editing

Data requirements and formats for different channels and retailers often change. PIM allows you to make bulk edits to your product data quickly and at scale. Spreadsheets often allow slip-ups to go unnoticed, and slip-ups can be costly.


Completion Tracking

Simply put, spreadsheets are not made for content distribution. With PIM, you have a centralized place to monitor the readiness of your data for any channel. Push optimized product content from PIM to your web store and marketplaces when they’re ready and not before.. 



Organized team collaboration can be difficult when using spreadsheets. PIM allows you to create and assign custom roles and permissions to multiple users. Get your whole team working on your product data at the same time without swearing over each others active filters and column sorting.



Almost all products have at least one variation, and spreadsheets offer no way to quickly identify them. Using PIM, variation groupings are in plain view, easy to access, and edit directly for fast and convenient work.



Spreadsheets just don’t have the capabilities to handle relationship attributes. Many products are made for each other and ideally purchased together. In the PIM tool, you can manage that by easily linking products that compliment each other or set up many-to-one relationships.



There is no doubt that staring at spreadsheets all day is never anyone’s idea of a good time. Having an intuitive and visually pleasing interface to work with is a game-changer. Try giving PIM a go. Your eyes will thank you for it.

Choosing a PIM is not like buying a t-shirt

We recommend that you sit down with one of our experts and go through your exact needs. We'll quickly discover if PIM is the right system for you or if you need a heavier and more advanced IT system.


More than an ordinary PIM

Plytix Channels


With Plytix PIM you can easily sent your product data to anywhere it needs to go and manage it from one place.

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Plytix Channels

Data Sheets

Send the right data in the right format the first time.

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Plytix - Brand portal

Brand Portal

Create interactive branded portals where people can download the content they want in the format they need it in. No more emailing back and forth or clunky file sharing!

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