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Brand Portals are live, online catalogs that give you an easier way to share your product content with whoever needs it.

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Brand Portals

Free up your inbox and your workday

Send one link instead of countless emails. Using your brand portal, customers can find all the product content they need, all in one place. How you spend your new-found free time is up to you.

Automate customer updates

Don’t worry about sending a new link out every time a product changes. Since your brand portal updates automatically, customers always have immediate access to your latest product information at their fingertips.

Quote - Brand Portals

Simplify the path to more sales

Customers can select the products they’re interested in and request a quote directly from the brand portal. No more sending emails back and forth.

Stand out with a customized brand experience

Make your brand portal your own with fonts, colors, logos, and images. Our drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to impress your customers.

Customize your Brand portal

Plytix allows our partners, customers and press to access the information they need, whenever they need it, making them and us more efficient.” 

Kathrine Engelbrecht, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, eva solo

You don’t have to send 100 emails
to sell your products

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Simplify sharing and selling
with Brand Portals

Get your customers all the information they need, easier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our product catalog software helps you showcase your products and product content. Brand Portals are live and update automatically, so if you make a change to product information in Plytix, that change will instantly be reflected in your brand portal.

Brand Portals are for…

  • brands to share information with distributors
  • resellers to share information with smaller retailers
  • companies to share information with press
  • companies to share view-only product information internally, like to their own sales department
  • and more!

When you share your brand portal with someone, they’re able to access and download your product content when and how they need it, without having to go through you.

Absolutely! Incorporate fonts, colors, and images so your brand portal matches your overall brand identity.

You can embed your brand portal in your website using an iframe. This way you can also set your own URL from your domain for the brand portal.

Yes and yes! You control what products, attributes, and files are included in a brand portal in the first place, and you can also choose to password protect them.

We can help you with that, too. Take a look at our Product Sheets.

Brand Portals are included in our PRO plan and offered as an add-on to our Standard plan. You can compare plans here.

Try Brand Portals for free when you book a demo.