Stop working in silos. Start working together.

PIM software built for collaboration so you can get your products out there faster.

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Get valuable time back

No more spreadsheet mayhem—work faster when your whole team can see all your product information in one place.


Invite your whole team

We know you’re not working alone, so add unlimited users at no extra cost. Go even further with custom permissions for user roles. (When we call this a collaboration tool, we really mean it.)

Work easier

Plytix is user friendly. When people from different departments are working in the same tool, it has to be easy to use for work to get done.


Slice and dice your data, your way

Find exactly what you're looking for with smart filters. Sort through products and assets based on any number of criteria with AND/OR logic without affecting anyone else’s view. So much better than filtering on a shared spreadsheet, right?


“Great product. The speed and efficiency in which we are able to upload, modify, access, and share all of our product information has been very beneficial.”

Daniel Y, Digital Content Specialist


Plytix PIM is also a DAM. Because PIM without DAM is just ridiculous.

All your assets, all file types, in one place. Easy to find, optimize, and share.
Plytix PIM is also DAM
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All the features you need to take
your product information to the next level

  • Digital Asset Management for all file types

  • API for custom integrations

  • User roles with custom permissions

  • Unlimited users

  • Auto-updating Smart Lists

  • Advanced filtering with AND/OR logic

  • Completion tracking to see progress at a glance

  • Unlimited custom attributes and 13 attribute types

  • Product relationships for upsell, cross-sell, or bundles

  • Flexible variation handling

  • Bulk product editing

  • Quick export to CSV, XLSX, or PDF

  • Computed attributes for editing product information with formulas

Get work done faster with Product Information Management made for teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

PIM software is essential for ecommerce success today. Since each sales channel asks you for differently formatted product details, you need a place to edit and store them. When that place is your ecommerce store, it’s too easy to make costly mistakes.

PIM is for you if you’re managing over 100 products and/or selling on more than one channel. Plytix is the only PIM especially made (and priced!) for small to medium-sized businesses.

The software is easy to use and intuitive, so you won’t need a developer to help you get started. Once you get your personalized product demo, you can import your products and data via CSV upload.

All files are stored in Amazon’s Simple Cloud Storage Service‎ (S3). This is the cloud service with the highest security available, and allows the system to run fast in all parts of the world.

Plytix is built with MongoDB, a document-oriented database used to store all product information and account data.

We sure do! Our open REST API allows you to connect with any system, both to bring data into Plytix and to share it from Plytix to other platforms.

Product Information Management isn’t a one-person job, but teams don’t have an efficient way to work on product content together. 

Plytix was built with collaboration in mind, to solve this problem. We want you to be able to work together with everyone needed to get the job done. Charging by user goes against our vision of what a PIM should be.

The PIM features covered on this page are included in our Standard and PRO plans (as well as in our Free plan, with some limitations). You can compare plans here.