Fast facts about us

Fast facts about us

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The name

Our name was originally short for 'Product Analytics,' but no one seemed to be able to pronounce it properly.

We came up with dozens of good excuses for a name change—we even pivoted the business from analytics to a PIM solution, but by then It was too late, the name stuck. We still have a lot of fun listening to people try to pronounce it.

Hint, it’s P + analytics.

The goal

Our goal is simple:

To kill spreadsheets.

We simply don’t believe that anyone should have to manage their product information in a spreadsheet anymore.

Seriously, that’s it.

The culture

If you love reading ‘empowering’ phrases like “vibrant collective” and “innovative individuals,” then be prepared to be disappointed…

That’s because to get a typical result, you have to do only typical things. But that’s not really our style. 

We’re kind of the cool kids in the PIM playground (if we do say so ourselves), and we love to challenge the status quo to help anyone break free from f*#king boring spreadsheets. 

The name

Our name was originally short for 'Product Analytics,' but no one seemed to be able to pronounce it properly. We came up with dozens of good excuses for a name change — we even pivoted the business from analytics to a PIM solution. But by then It was too late, the name stuck. We still have a lot of fun listening to people try to pronounce it.

Hint, it’s P + analytics.


The goal

Our goal is simple; to kill spreadsheets.

We simply don’t believe that anyone should have to manage their product information in a bl*#dy spreadsheet.

Seriously, that’s it.

Quique y Sol

The culture

Most marketplaces like Amazon don’t accept feeds. But, they sure do accept a spreadsheet! Don’t get lost in the sea of marketplace requirements, and use custom templates to keep your product information in order. Pick the products you want to send over, and let the Plytix platform format and organize the data the way your marketplace wants it.

Check out if you should use templates for your marketplaces

Want to learn more? Download our culture book.

How did Plytix PIM come to be?

Plytix was born!

Our story begins…

Our co-founders Morten Poulsen and Alex Lopez came up with the idea to create an image-sharing platform that would help brands track the performance of their products from third-party vendors’ websites.

Sounds complicated? It was. Keep reading and see what happened next.
Sowing the seed

Sowing the seed

Morten and Alex secured the first round of funding from a Danish venture capital firm. In a bold move for a fresh startup, operations instantly took off with two locations, Copenhagen and Malaga.

Casa Plytix

Casa Plytix

Operations in Malaga started to grow, we moved out of our coworking space and into an old Andalusian mansion in El Palo Malaga, affectionately referred to as Casa Plytix.

A pivotal moment

A pivotal moment

In our humble opinion, our product was fantastic but the market didn’t think so. After 2 years we had to make a radical change and cut our losses, but we weren't going to give up. Using the insights collected from our users we decided to pivot to what is now known as Plytix PIM.

More funding

More funding

Now officially as a PIM software company we embarked on another roadshow to secure more funding to start expanding again. This time our focus was clear, we wanted to build a PIM exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses.

Dec 2017
Our first customers!

Our first customers!

After three years of hard work, trial, and error, Plytix officially launched its PIM and got our first-ever paying customers onboard.

A new home

A new home

With our team getting bigger by the day it was time to upgrade to a new office in the middle of Malaga city.

What's next?

What's next?

Stay tuned, there’s so much more to come!

The future

What's a PIM? 🤔

{PIM} Product Information Management

Prod·​uct  in·​for·​ma·​tion  man·​age·​ment // ˈprä-(ˌ)dəkt ˌin-fər-ˈmā-shən ˈma-nij-mənt

Noun. PIM stands for Product Information Management, and it refers to a system or software used in the retail industry to centralize and manage product information.

Some say Plytix is the best one 😉

Sound like something you could be a part of?



We're hiring!

If you believe that Plytix could be your perfect fit, head to our career page and submit your application. Our HR team will be excited to meet you (they're lovely like that 💜).

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Meet the people

"I've worked in sales before but things are definitely different here. For us, honesty and being able to sleep at night are important. We’d rather not close a sale than force a client into something they didn’t want.  So when a client signs up, we know it'll be a relationship that lasts."

Head of Sales

“Every suggestion or idea that I've had has been taken into consideration from the very first day,

I've always felt like an active member of this company with a word and a real value. Very happy to be working here!”

Motion Graphic Design Specialist

I feel like Plytix is the best place I could have landed after my previous sales experiences. Plytix offers so much support. Everyone here is open-minded and super supportive of each other! I wake up every morning extremely excited to come to work.

Business Development Representative

If you didn’t know us you'd never be able to tell who's been here for a month or who's been here for years. No one feels superior over others; your boss and their boss are sitting at tables just like yours, maybe even right next to you. Plytix is different because it really feels like we’re all in this together. 

José Carlos

Lead UI Designer

"At Plytix we don't just mindlessly fill job positions. We make sure the people joining fit into our culture, which is important in the Customer Success team. We all genuinely care about giving the client the best solution, and seeing how the tool transforms their day to day is priceless."

Jon Gorospe
Head of Customer Success

“When everything is going well it’s easy to feel like you’re in the right place. But Plytix stands out when there’s a problem, and we work to solve it without getting tense, still treating each other well. It’s those moments, seeing how the little problems are solved, that I realize I chose the right place to work.”

Full Stack Developer

Top-rated on G2

We don’t just have a fantastic team and an awesome culture, if we say so ourselves—we've also been rated the most user-friendly PIM on the market (and a bunch of other things) by G2 and Capterra, time and time again.

Frequently asked questions

Well, the answer to your question depends on who you are:

  1. If you're media interested in speaking to us or featuring us, you can fill out our form here and see our media kit here

  2. If you're a partner or interested in becoming a partner, you can contact us here

  3. If you're interested in our PIM and want to find out more information, you can get in touch with one of our sales reps here

  4. If you want to apply for a job, great! We think you’re going to love it. You can check out the open positions you think you’d be suited to here. If your dream job isn’t listed, you can still apply and tell us about yourself by emailing us at

  5. And if you're a salesperson trying to sell us something … you can reach us by ... fax.

Our team spreads far and wide, from Europe to the US and even all the way down under (Australia). But you’ll find the majority of us in our beautiful office in sunny Malaga, Spain, enjoying unlimited ice cream, office dogs, and air conditioning during those southern Spanish summers.

Yep! The photos and videos you see on our website and social media are all taken during a typical workday or occasional party. We really do have as much fun as it seems, and we’re proud of it too!

But don’t let the fun fool you—we’re also pretty serious about working hard and getting sh*t done. It’s all about balance afterall. 😌 

I’m glad you asked! Did you know that at one point in our history, there was some serious discussion about getting office chickens? Seriously. Unfortunately, not everyone was convinced about unlimited eggs every morning, so we compromised for dog cuddles instead. These days it’s hard to find a moment when any of the Pytix pups aren’t around the office. 

We totally support the responsible consumption of alcohol, but there is something about the festive season that gets us a little shot-taking-for-breakfasty. We like to think it's a cultural participation as Anis is a local liquor loved by many during December. So, yeah, it’s true, but completely voluntary (even if slightly recommended). 😉