Plytix helps great brands get their products to market faster and smarter.

Founded in Denmark in 2015, but now with people here, there, and everywhere.

Plytix - Where you can find us?

We are a group of unique individuals with a common set of virtues.

Plytix - Trustworthy


We believe that honesty and reliability are baseline expectations. Our users need to know their product data is in good hands and that they can trust our advice. It all starts with being upfront and transparent from the get-go.

Plytix - Competent


We believe that knowledge is power, and that knowledge is never dormant. We constantly train and work systematically to make continuous improvements in every corner of the organization. All so we can stay on top of our game.

Plytix - Friendly


We believe that kindness and service go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re a colleague or a user, you’ll find yourself among people who are positive, open, and ready to help out, whatever the challenges may be.



Plytix - Fair


We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. That's why we’ve made our technologies and services accessible for everyone, big or small. Our approach to grey area situations is simple: "Apply common sense and be fair."

Plytix serves companies from all over the world...

Plytix - Map clients all shapes and sizes...

Uniliver, Mini, bosch, BMW, Polaroid
Kodak, evasolo, nitro, e-on
Allé design, Amped, Bata, Fiskars
Home of living brands, RGS events, Natural Mojo, Musco Food

... and we go above and beyond for the companies we serve!

Plytix - Baker Creen Publishing

"Plytix is very user friendly -- and the support they offer is fantastic. We opted to pay for onboarding support as part of our package and found it has greatly accelerated our onboarding process."

Carolyn Hurst - CEO

Plytix - Hardscape

"Plytix has a fantastic team when it comes to customer support, from trialing, to learning, to suggesting new features, there was always someone that I could speak to either via email (which is always replied to the same day) or by phone which I could make an appointment for within a few days."

Josh Stevenson - Data Coordinator

Plytix - Cleaver Scientific

"The technical support staff are excellent and make using the system a breeze. No question is too small or too big."

Oliver Sinfield - Product Support Specialist

Plytix - EMG

"Love Plytix because not only is it easy to store your data, but the way you can export in a customized way to fulfill the needs of customers is huge. I also love the customer service - our account manager Jon is great."

Alex Wolf - Brand Voice Coordinator

Plytix - Alle design

"It is hard to choose software when you are researching on the internet. I called and spoke with Plytix - talk to the brilliant people who are Plytix. This company is moving fast and improving functions consistently, just when you think it can't get better - it does."

Sandra Perry - VP Marketing Sales

Plytix - Hands Craft

"We like the price and terrific customer support. It is some of the best support we have ever come across in any type of online digital marketing service."

Isaiah Lee - General Manager

Plytix - Alltrade

"...Not only is it a great product, but the team behind the scenes has been helpful, I feel like I can go to them with any questions and concerns and they'll go out of their way to accommodate my needs. A special thanks to Pili and Jon. Fantastic team!"

Leah Hall - Merchandising and Marketing Specialist

Plytix - Energy World

"...the Plytix team is very customer-oriented and takes customer needs into account when developing the software."

Albert Ranasinghe - Sales & Marketing

Plytix - The distribution point

"Plytix is exactly what we were looking for to better organize our data & content and manage our digital assets. It is easy to use and straightforward"

Jennifer Ho - Data & Content Manager

Plytix - Reliable

"Plytix allows you to send just what you choose to customers and other colleagues. No more searching through giant spreadsheets... Plytix is the way to go."

Deirdre Hogan - Sales Execution

Plytix - Chromebook Parts

"The ease of editing product attributes is my favourite part of this software. It makes feeding product information into our systems so easy. Also, I really value Plytix for its reliability."

Keshan Singh - Computer Technician

Plytix - Glemco

"We reviewed several PIM tools and the scale (and cost) of them was just way too much for us. Plytix offered a cost-effective tool with all of the core functionality we needed and we didn't have to take out a loan to afford it."

Brian Zawistowski - Senior Manager

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