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PIM is sexy!
PIM isn’t “sexy”

If you think of Product Information Management (PIM) as a database for your product information, we get it—nothing particularly sexy about that. But we see things differently. We see a world going towards multichannel commerce and in that world, PIM is king. 

At Plytix we help brands of all sizes master multichannel commerce and sell more, and we think that’s pretty damn sexy.

Powerful and user-friendly
PIM is only for enterprise brands

We say that 600+ monthly signups on our platform tell a different story. We believe that small and medium businesses have been deprived of powerful technologies for too long, so we set out to build a powerful and user-friendly PIM that everyone could afford. Now we serve brands of all sizes, but we remain committed to our original mission of helping the little guys.

Everyone, small or big, deserves a great PIM
You shouldn’t leave money on the table

Our investors and advisors all tell us that we should raise our prices. According to them, we’re leaving money on the table. And sure, we could be charging more. After all, the competition does. But we won’t, because we believe that every brand, big or small, deserves a powerful multichannel commerce PIM.

Outbound sales? No, thanks
You can’t scale without outbound sales

While outbound sales work wonders for other SaaS companies, it doesn’t work for us. See, our founders have this ethos that they’d never ask their colleagues to do anything they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing themselves—and our founders aren’t big on cold calling. Besides, let’s be honest: when was the last time you bought something from a stranger over the phone?

Customer satisfaction much important than gross margin
Dedicated support is too expensive

Or so we were told. But it’s not true. It might not provide the gross margins that some bankers would like to see, but so what? We want our customers to love the service they get from us and that’s more important to us than high gross margins. See, we actually love working with our customers and we’ll always go above and beyond for them without worrying about productivity metrics and gross margins.

Don't forget to have fun

At Plytix we don't have boring mission statements and corporate values that no one reads. We operate from a simple guiding principle that's easy to remember:

Don't be a jerk, don't hold back, and don't forget to have fun

Download our Culture Book to see our guiding principle in action

"At Plytix we don't just mindlessly fill job positions. We make sure the people joining fit into our culture, which is important in the Customer Success team. We all genuinely care about giving the client the best solution, and seeing how the tool transforms their day to day is priceless."

Jon Gorospe
Head of Customer Success

"I've worked in sales before but things are definitely different here. For us, honesty and being able to sleep at night are important. We’d rather not close a sale than force a client into something they didn’t want.
So when a client signs up, we know it'll be a relationship that lasts."

Head of Sales

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