How it all started

It all started with a simple question: Why? 

Why is there such a large gap between small business and enterprise when it comes to accessing great digital tools?

Plytix was born from our time at Google where we were working with some of the biggest companies in the e-commerce space. We realized the way companies utilized their product data was largely inefficient especially when we compared large companies and the smaller guys. 

We saw that in the future ecommerce would not only speed up, but take no prisoners when it did. We saw a way to fix it.

So we quit our jobs to start Plytix, a software as a service company that is dedicated to bringing smart data-driven solutions to small businesses. 

Alejandro López

CTO and Co-founder

Morten Poulsen

CEO and Co-founder

The People of Plytix

Pedro Liévana

FullStack Developer

Ezequiel Rodríguez

FullStack Developer

David Jiménez

FullStack Developer


The OG Office Dog

Kresten Østerby

Product Specialist

Heather Rodgerson

Customer Success

Jon Gorospe

Brand Whisperer

Tim Reintgen

Account Executive

Emma Kobylenski

Fullstack Marketer


The New Dog On The Block

Julia Soto

Magical Designer


House Unicorn


What to expect from us

We do not believe powerful tools are just for big enterprise companies with fat budgets. Our solutions are designed to be easy to adopt, affordable, and user-friendly so that companies like yours are empowered to be more data-driven. Our team is constantly searching for ways to deliver on that promise. Come talk to us and see for yourself if we mean it.

How we practice what we preach

For us, Plytix is not just a company, it's part of who we are and we are all deeply committed to our mission. These are a few of our guiding principles. They define the way we work, so that you know what to expect from us.

  • Eat like a bird, poo like an elephant. This does not mean we produce a bunch of crap. Au contraire mon frere. This means that we believe a great amount of fertile impact can come from the smallest necessary means. Perhaps the science of digestion isn't hip with our metaphor, but we live by this.
  • Be a pioneer. Plain and simple. We believe the best way to lead is to take the first step ourselves. We do things in our own way and we are not afraid to do things that haven’t been done before. 
  • Never compromise integrity or neglect identity. Every single day we wake up and try to be a better version of ourselves, egos be damned.
  • Don't be concerned with competitors, just make remarkable products. Period.


Our products



"When looking at the product data management market, we see that SMB's have been neglected for far too long. We want to build tools just for them. Software they can afford and use without extensive training. For us to deliver on that promise, our software has to be the best in price and the easiest to use on the market."

Morten Poulsen Quote

Morten Poulsen