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How it all started

It all started with a simple question: Why? Why is there such a large gap between small business and enterprise when it comes to accessing great digital tools? Plytix was born from our time at Google where we were working with some of the biggest companies in the e-commerce space. We realized the way companies utilized their product data was largely inefficient especially when we compared large companies and the smaller guys. We saw that in the future ecommerce would not only speed up, but take no prisoners when it did. We saw a way to fix it. So we quit our jobs to start Plytix, a software as a service company that is dedicated to bringing smart data-driven solutions to small businesses.

The People of Plytix

Alex López


Pedro Liévana


David Jiménez


Rafa Rodríguez




Emma Kobylenski

User Experience Manager

Gala Gandarias



The OG Office Dog

Heather Rodgerson


Kalem Mc Quillan


Julia Soto



House Unicorn

Kresten Østerby

Product Specialist

Peter Mørk

Customer Support

Jon Gorospe

Customer Success

Pilar Eguilior

Customer Success

Tim Reintgen

Account Executive


Hooman Resources

Morten Poulsen

No one knows

Lucas Val Eggers



Office Chef

Tina Eaton


Tyler Hakes


The Plytix Principles

For us, Plytix is not just a company, it's part of who we are and we are all deeply committed to our mission. These are a few of our guiding principles. They define the way we work, so that you know what to expect from us.

Everything is branding

Everyone in Plytix is known to act with care and integrity. Because we know that everything we do, down to every single email and every line of code, is somehow transmitting the Plytix brand.

We are entrepreneurs, we are NOT employees

In Plytix we only hire entrepreneurial minds who has the passion and the hunger to make a difference today.

Extreme ownership

Extreme ownership is about giving everyone in Plytix ownership over one or more projects. This allows us to shape the leaders of tomorrow and help us maintain a flat organisational structure.

Eat like bird, poo like an elephant

This doesn’t mean we deliver crap. It is simply our way of saying that we always aim to create the greatest possible impact with the smallest necessary means.

"When looking at the product data management market, we see that SMB's have been neglected for far too long. We want to build tools just for them. Software they can afford and use without extensive training. For us to deliver on that promise, our software has to be the best in price and the easiest to use on the market."

Morten Poulsen Quote

Morten Poulsen