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Digital Asset Management. DAM

When done well, Digital Asset Management can mean harmonization of your images, files, media, and more, as well as improved internal and external communications, and more appealing products - ergo more sales. 

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Digital Asset Management
Organization DAM


Plytix DAM functionality means your can store all your images, files, data specs, videos - any multi-media content in a digital library of sorts. The best bit? There's no limit - add unlimited files. Apply attributes to your files, and make it easy to filter through, find, and edit your files.

Accessibility & Distribution

Make it easier for your collaborators to find your product content (no more wasting hours looking for the latest product images). Keep your files secure by applying privacy settings, and make sure the right people can view and access them. Automatically sync your files with products, catalogs and different ecommerce channels, and guarantee brand consistency.

Accesibility & Distribution


  • Consistent branding
  • Advanced file search capabilities
  • Work more efficiently - save time!
  • Secure content
  • Easier file distribution
  • Improved cross-team collaboration

"Plytix lets you tailor your experience to exactly
what you need, nothing more and nothing less - making
content organization unbeatable."

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