Win on Walmart with Product Listing Optimization

The world’s largest retailer is now open to foreign sellers—so how can you stand out and rise to the top?

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Walmart is opining up to vendors outsite the US


If you thought you didn’t have to worry about Walmart, think again.

Now that the retail giant is opening up to vendors outside of the US, Walmart is yet another channel to add to your list. But what does it take to succeed there?

Claire Trellis, former Category Manager at Walmart, works on a daily basis with ecommerce businesses and will share the best practices that will get your products in front of Walmart customers.



Claire Trellis from OneStone Solutions

Claire spent the past 3 years on Walmart’s ecommerce team as a Category Manager, helping her vendors make their products shine! Now, as Director of Ecommerce at OneStone Solutions, she works directly with ecommerce brands to improve conversions and maximize exposure.


Tim Reintgen

Tim has helped over 1,000 companies optimize product content for their sales channels using Plytix. Today, he creates strategic partnerships with industry leaders to get SMBs more exposure using a multichannel commerce strategy.

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