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Your webshop is not a PIM

Managing products in your webshop compared to Plytix

Complex webshop

Your webshop

  • limited information specific to your webshop
  • formatted only for your webshop
  • tedious one by one editing
  • siloed workflows
  • content optimized only for your webshop
  • accidental product changes
Plytix PIM

Plytix PIM

  • all your product information hosted in one place
  • formatted for all sales channels
  • quick bulk editing
  • easy team collaboration
  • content optimized for
    all your channels
  • safe sandbox environment
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Get your products to your webshop in 3 steps


1. Set up your connection

Link Plytix to the plugin that works best for your webshop system.

Choose your products

2. Choose your products

Decide which products to send to your webshop.
Pro tip: create a Smart List of products that automatically updates whenever the criteria you set is met. That way no product is ever missing from your store or gets sent with incomplete data.

Select attributes

3. Select attributes

Send only the product content that’s specially optimized for your webshop. To make it even easier, if you're repurposing content from another sales channel, you can transform it directly in Plytix using simple formulas.

 Watch your products flow straight to your webshop

Watch your products flow straight to your webshop

Connect the plugin to your webshop and let Plytix automatically populate your store with product data.

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Sell anywhere with Plytix

Click your webshop system to find out the best way to connect your product feeds in Plytix to your online store.

AI Content by Channel


Boost conversions with optimized content for your sales channels

Use our OpenAI integration to write your product descriptions, boost your search engine rankings, and drive more traffic to your website. No matter where you sell, AI can help you generate optimized and custom content automatically. 

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Before we used Plytix we kept products in Shopify. It was a mess. It was almost impossible to work as a team. Now, all our product information is in Plytix. Our whole team can concurrently edit products and track changes. Plytix pushes product information directly to Shopify. Also, Plytix has excellent, knowledgeable customer support. They really know how Plytix integrates with Shopify.

Robert Ferrell
Robert Ferrell
Co-owner, Chama Valley Meats
G2 Crowd logo

Plytix is the perfect complement to Magento, as Plytix makes it possible for us to have thousands of products on our webshop with only a few clicks. Together, Plytix and Magento make everything possible!

Karen Nordmark, B Company
Karen Nordmark
Ecommerce manager, B Company
G2 crowd logo

Using Plytix together with WooCommerce has granted us an ocean of opportunities, flexibility and freedom. With the right capabilities WooCommerce grants you near boundless possibilities which we, by using Plytix, are able to utilize due to its many great and flexible features!

Jonathan Uhd Hummel, Zerv ApS
Jonathan Uhd Hummel
Business Developer, Zerv ApS
G2 Crowd logo

We use the Shopify connector to create and update 6 webshops in multiple languages. It has been the easiest way of adding and updating products—easier than any other Shopify app out there. The main benefit is that the source of truth still remains the PIM.

Karen Bertaux, Telco Accessories
Karen Bertaux
Ecommerce manager, Telco Accessories
G2 crowd logo

What I like most about Plytix is the feature called “Channels”. Here, we can format, edit and export our product data to our online sales channels, matching our partner’s requirements for datasheets. By automating this process, we save a lot of time previously spent managing these tasks manually.


Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen
Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen
International E-Tail Manager, Eva Solo
G2 crowd logo

Plytix stops our small team filling in the same information again and again for different retailers, it quickly updates products on our Shopify store and acts as a hub for agents to self-serve themselves when they require images or product lists.

Steve Rolls
Steve Rolls
Marketing Manager, Base London
G2 crowd logo

Plytix makes product setups super quick and easy - we can customize different channels to specific retailers and by a click of a button, we can export and send off to each retailer.

Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf
Sales Account Manager, Englewood Marketing Group
G2 crowd logo

Fast and reliable due to its cloud architecture. I can query large data sets very quickly and find the information we need. Fantastic integration features with Shopify makes Plytix a killer PIM. Also have fantastic customer support - they are always so damn friendly and happy to go above and beyond for their customers.

Adam Racovalis
Adam Racovalis
Partner, Adam & Milo

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, you can connect your product information to your webshop using a  product feed URL and a third-party plugin. Once you’ve made this connection, all you need to do is update and optimize your products straight in the PIM and then let Plytix do the rest!

No, it’s not. These third-party plugins provide their own special services to be able to connect our product feeds to a specific channel. Prices for these plugins are usually a one-time purchase that goes from €0 to €300—depending on the plugin and your needs. We’re happy to help you find what plugin works the best for you. Just book a demo and we can walk you through everything you need.

This direct integration is as easy as copying a couple of codes from your Shopify store and popping them into your Plytix channel! This is a simple connection that doesn’t require any development, and it allows Plytix to push content automatically to your store.

You can even schedule automatic updates however you’d like, whether that’s every once a day or every week.

Channels are a paid feature, just like our other output (Brand Portals). The cost depends on how many outputs you want to include in your plan—forget about paying for channels you don’t need.

Because we ❤️ transparency at Plytix, you can compare plans and see complete pricing here.