B2B Ecommerce Transformations You Need To Implement

49% of B2B purchases are now made online—it's up to you to stay relevant. Adopt these trends or risk getting left behind.

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Your B2B customers are shopping online. Are you doing everything you can to make sure they’re shopping with you?

Learn about the modern B2B customer and how to deliver first-class shopping experiences with ecommerce catalog management.

What’s inside?

  • Trends driving sales in the B2B landscape
  • How to replicate the B2C shopping experience
  • B2B buying rules and behaviors
  • How to help B2B buyers choose you
  • Multichannel sales management for B2B
  • Understanding PIM, ERP, OMS, and 3PL for your tech stack
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You can’t get ahead without selling online, and you can’t sell online without a PIM tool.
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