The Power of an ERP and PIM Connection in Ecommerce

If you’re using an ERP system to store your product data for ecommerce, you’re hurting your sales potential. Discover how a PIM tool can be the bridge between your ERP and everywhere you sell.

ERP and PIM for ecommerce

Let’s face it: your ERP system just can’t hold all the information you need to sell your products in a multichannel commerce world. Connecting Product Information Management software with your ERP is how you move your products off the shelf today.

What’s inside?

  • ERP vs PIM—what’s the difference?
  • Benefits of PIM for ecommerce
  • How ERP and PIM work together
  • PIM for multichannel selling
  • Improving customer experience with ERP and PIM
  • Why you need both
PIM and ERP For Ecommerce - at a glance

When your ERP joins forces with Plytix, you can conquer multichannel commerce.

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