The Ultimate PIM Buyer's Guide for Shopify Users

PIM software can supercharge your Shopify store and speed up your selling process—but which software should you choose?

PIM Buyers Guide Shopify Cover

In this guide, you'll discover just how much easier selling on Shopify can be when you use PIM software. You’ll learn how to best implement this software and see the key differences between some of the most popular PIM tools on the market.

What’s inside?

  • What PIM is and how it can improve your Shopify selling process
  • The key features to look for in PIM software for Shopify
  • Who in your team can benefit from implementing PIM
  • A detailed side-by-side comparison of 5 different PIM options
  • A case study showing how PIM has made a real Shopify-based business more efficient
PIM Buyers Guide Shopify Interior