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How Floral Innovations has digitized a billion-dollar industry


More sales and fewer page dropouts!


Automate selling on multiple channels!


One location for product data and fulfillment!

Conveniently bringing growers and consumers together online


“Making content creation fast and smart for our clients!”

Floral Innovations has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2015.

They started as an image editing, SaaS-offering company for the “traditional” B2B chain in the horticultural industry, and have since evolved into a full-service production agency. While they still design and develop websites, mobile solutions, and digital applications, they recognized a gap in the market to help their clients improve the setup of online sales for flowers and plants.

The Netherlands is the production hub for the European floral market. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the billion-dollar industry hit a slump. One of the solutions was to move online, and Floral Innovations was well-equipped for this transition. Their tools have helped growers, wholesalers, and retailers revive sales and become data-driven.

To add to their existing services, namely Floraconcepts, Floradesign, and Floraphoto, they recognized the need for clients to centralize product content with “Floracontent.” However, in order to achieve that, they needed a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

Floral innovation


“To give consumers as much information as possible.”

“We’ve always known that the retail landscape is changing rapidly, and our new channel (Floracontent) would offer opportunities to market floricultural products directly to the consumer. But something was missing: a central source of truth,” says Michiel Kuipers, Owner of Floral Innovations. He continues, “before starting a project like this from scratch, we first tested the market and started selling our clients’ plants ourselves in a web store and on marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.com. This was done to understand which product information was required for consumers.”

Considering that Michiel and his team are experts in the industry and are familiar with the type of technology required to launch their service at maximum capacity, they tried to build a central catalog that could accelerate and scale up content creation for flowers and plants.

Eventually, it became clear that building a PIM from the ground up would be a time-consuming and costly venture. “Though we had a clear idea of what we wanted and how we wanted it to work, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. There are already tools for that.”


“Rather let a good working PIM do the job!”

“When we decided to explore a solution for our clients, it was essential that it had the features we wanted. We needed a solution to advance our offerings and give customers access to as much information as possible. Whether it be descriptions, images, or product specifications.”

“During this time, a relative pointed out to us that Plytix might be helpful to organize the product data for the different sales channels. We did our homework and figured out that there was way more opportunity with Plytix than we had initially thought.” And so, they signed up with Plytix!

“We linked Plytix API to our own software and decided to make the tool the central source of truth for our Floraconcept’s database.”

Plytix PIM was able to connect with their Order Management System (OMS) developed by Floracontent. “Essentially, clients get access to one database with all products that you can automatically send to multiple sales channels. You can fill your web store in 1x, sell on Bol.com and Amazon, and you can send product information to (online) retailers.”

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“So much is possible with Plytix—much more than we thought!”

“This tool has been very handy for our clients and us! The most used features are Brand Portals, product management in bulk edit, asset organization, data export through Channels, and setting up product variation and relationships. These have all played a key role in creating and scaling commercial content for the horticulture industry.”

  • “We help our clients achieve fewer page dropouts and more sales!”
  • “Our clients can automate selling on multiple channels!”
  • “Product information and fulfillment are easily accessible in one location!”


“This PIM has helped us connect the dots between our services, and we are so thankful for the amazing support from your team at Plytix!”

Michiel Kuipers, Owner of Floral Innovations