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What is Plytix?

Plytix.com is a cloud platform that enables brands to store all their product information in one place, from where online retailers can access it and serve it on their site directly through an iframe.

By doing so, we have created the worlds first product based web analytics platform, enabling product owners to measure user interactions on products across multiple websites.

The concept itself is very simple. Plytix allows product owners to upload Products (including images, descriptions, videos etc) to a cloud storage platform. Once uploaded, it can be shared with others who will be able to serve that information on their sites through the Plytix iframe integration. Each product will be accompanied with a tracker that will send signals back to Plytix every few seconds, and those signals will represent user interactions at an aggregated level for that particular product.

I am a product owner

Get unlimited cloud storage of all your product information. Gather all product information in one centralized place and gain full control over who can display your products and how. Leverage on user specific analytics data for each of your products across the sites around the world selling your product.

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I am an online retailer

Have all product information from all product owners gathered in one place. Avoid expensive packshot costs and reduce time for uploading products with up to 25 minutes. Benefit from product specific web analytics for products on sites you manage. Experience faster load time on your site and improve SEO.

I am intreagued and want to know more

What is this going to cost

Our service will be 100% free of charge for everyone. We make this platform free of charge because we believe in the value of product specific data and we understand that without product owners and online retailers using our platform, we will have no product specific data in the first place. That is why it is important to us that we break down all potential barriers for using our services - including price.