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We believe that brands should be able to see how users interact with their products across all websites.

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How is Plytix different from Google Analytics?

Page Analytics Product Analytics
Site and app performance
E-commerce reporting from owned websites
E-commerce reporting from 3rd party websites
Product image management system

how does Plytix actually work?


1. Store

Store all your products images in Plytix. Upload will only take you a few minutes. You can organize all your products in categories and decide which products that should be available to your distributors.

2. Tell

When all your products are stored in Plytix, you tell your distributors that all your product images are available in the "Product Bank". This way you make sure that your products are presented the way you like.

3. Implement

Your distributors will be responsible for the implementation on their webshop that allows us to serve your products on their site. But not to worry, we have made this process extremely easy as well.

4. Analyse

Once your products are being served on your distributors webshops, you will instantly have access to a whole new world of insights into how users around the world are interacting with your products.
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what do we offer?


Product Image Management

With Plytix you will be able to store and manage all your product information in one consolidated cloud based system. Your products will be available for all your distributors who can easily fetch your product from our "Product Bank" and display them on their webshop in only a few clicks.

Cross site analytics

Our cross site analytics application is the cornerstone of our service. From our analytics dashboard you will get customer specific insights such as demographic data, behaviour flow, and path to conversion. And we give you all of that data from all the sites serving your products.

Transparent pricing model

Our product image management system will be free of charge for brands and retailers and it will be possible to see analytics data for the last 30 days at any given time. To unlock data for more than 30 days, we will charge a monthly fee of 0,99$ per product.
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