Allé design - Plytix customer story

Allé Designs: From ground up digitalization to beating out competitors


45% more sales in one year


Saved up to $6,000 per catalog cutting out design costs


10x faster response to clients

Allé Designs, a forward-thinking home and office brand, is now able to get its product information in front of customers in minutes instead of hours


Turning a paper-based company into an online sales machine

When Sandra Perry, the VP of Marketing, acquired Allé Designs (a home, and office furniture company), she literally bought a bunch of papers.

She knew it was a fixer-upper, but she didn't know how much work she was in for. Her challenge was to turn a paper-based organization into a flourishing B2B furniture brand online.

By implementing a PIM and doing a full overhaul on the company brand, Sandra was able to turn the company around. Allé now handles tons of products and operates completely digitally. They are proud to work with Disney, Lancôme, and L’Oréal, among others. They increased their revenue by 45% in the course of a single year. And they have also been able to launch new and innovative products.

Allé Designs are constantly pivoting to fit the ever-changing market and have recently launched a line of Personal Protective Equipment for office spaces.



"I don’t know what I need, but I need to collect all my information."

Allé Designs relied on their print catalog as their source of product information for a long time. The company was drowning in manual data entry for each and every order or request that was placed. Sandra knew it was time to change that unsustainable practice, so she began looking. She wanted a single place for all her information to live online, organized, and ready to use.

Then she found Plytix.


“$10K is nothing when you spend $20K just on printed catalogs.”

Sandra ended up having a few conversations with the Plytix team before making the leap.

"At first, I was really hesitant to spend that money." She admitted. "But then I remembered that I was spending around $6,000 for a graphic designer to do a catalog that I needed to be updated all the time. So I decided to spend the money to bring the company out of the dark ages and get our information online. And I am so glad I did! I definitely got my investment back."

After discovering Plytix, Allé started working with their Dedicated Account Manager to transfer all their product content online. For Allé Designs, Plytix has been a filter for what products are viable to take to the market. It has transformed how they work and how they send information.



“With Plytix it's all about presentation, and I am beating out my competitors.”

Plytix gave Allé Designs a place where they could find everything. But what really made the difference for them was being able to tailor content for customers, and also being able to work with their products quickly. At one point, Sandra was able to create a spec sheet for a client who wanted custom work. The speed and professionalism helped her land an $80,000 order.

They use Brand Portals to give their customers a personalized experience when it comes to sourcing and consuming product content. "I have had huge wins that have changed my business drastically," says Sandra, "and I attribute this to my ability to present my products with Plytix."

Even today, Allé Designs is growing thanks to their new agile way of managing product data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to bring out a range of Personal Protective Equipment as well as designing and setting up hand sanitizing stations in offices. Not to mention they can supply reps with catalogs swiftly to be able to set up and present quotes in a professional, and socially distant, way.


  • "We closed 45% more sales in one year!"
  • We saved up to $6,000 per catalog cutting out design costs!"
  • "We have a 10x faster response to clients!"

"This powerful software has made our company service our customers like a large enterprise"

Sandra, Founder of Allé Designs