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Meet your account manager

Step 1: Pick your date and time

Schedule your discovery call at the time that works best for you and get ready to meet your account manager.

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Discovery call

Step 2: Discovery call

In this 15-minute call, we talk about what brought you to Plytix to see if we’re the right PIM for you. If it’s a yes on both sides, we set a date for the full demo.

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Your personalized demo

Step 3: Your personalized demo

The next step is a full demo, but not the kind you’re used to. Instead, it’s completely tailored to you based on what we learned in your discovery call.

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Step 4: Kickoff!

If you decide to work with Plytix after the demo, you’ll be set up with a customer success manager. They’ll arrange a kickoff call to get started with your onboarding.