The Methodology

When you start using Plytix, we’ll set you up for success with our CODA methodology:
Centralize, Optimize, Distribute, and Analyze.

CODA was born out of our work with companies like yours, and the realization that similar product content challenges were holding all of them back. We’ve seen this simple framework solve those challenges, helping organizations improve their internal communication and increase sales.


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Centralizing starts with gathering all your scattered product information, from even the darkest corners of your workspaces, into a single source of truth. Consider this a spring clean that will force you to sanitize your data to remove duplicate or outdated products and content.

Information, files, images, and more. One place for it all.

When your data is centralized, you can release your products at scale while keeping information consistent. Launching new products becomes simpler, and better yet, all team members can create, find, and edit content faster.




"Nobody puts data in a corner!"

Even the world's most alluring, information-rich products won’t sell if no one sees them. That's why distributing your product content is paramount.

But it's so much more than just information sharing. It's about sending the right information in the right format to the right platform, and finding a way to automate the process so your data gets there faster and free of human error.

It's also a matter of securing brand recognition by making sure your resellers and distributors are displaying the correct content at all times. Inconsistencies are costly and can hurt your brand, so find a way to make it easy to distribute product content and you will not only get to market faster, you will also see an immediate increase in brand consistency. Your brand manager will love you!


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