Devin Partida

Devin Partida
Devin Partida is a writer and blogger covering business and retail technologies, as well as tech trends in general. To read more from Devin, please visit, where she is the Editor-in-Chief.

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5 Kinds of Data PIM Software Can Store

May 6, 2021 | by Devin Partida

5 Kinds of Data a PIM Can Store

Centralize your product information to ensure it's consistent and uniform across every channel! Here are five kinds of data that can be stored in PIM.

5 Ways PIM Software Can Keep Your Customers Happy

April 1, 2021 | by Devin Partida

5 Ways PIM Software Can Keep Your Customers Happy

A PIM is the missing piece of your ecommerce revenue puzzle! Here are 5 ways that PIM software can keep your customers happy (and make you more money).

How to build a winning ecommerce strategy

February 18, 2021 | by Devin Partida

Steps to Start or Improve Your Small Business Ecommerce Strategy This Year

An ecommerce strategy is possible with a small budget or team. Here are 6 suggestions to help increase your sales and grow your reach this year. 

Selling channels that will increase the likelihood of people noticing your products

December 28, 2020 | by Devin Partida

4 Key Selling Channels to Focus on in 2021

The key channels you’ll need to adopt to level up your ecommerce game, and how Product Information Management (PIM) fits into this mix.