October 23, 2018 | by Tyler Hakes

Ecommerce Optimization: The 5-Step Framework for Optimizing Conversions & Revenue

A step-by-step guide for optimizing each piece of your ecommerce shopping experience. From the product listing to the photos and the checkout, every step matters.


June 8, 2018 | by Josh Wardini

Is Shopify only for startups?

Shopify is an excellent tool when a business wants to create an ecommerce store. But is it just for startups? Can it grow with a business or will you have to scrap it for something more scalable as you grow?


October 3, 2017 | by Heather Rodgerson

Confessions of a Millennial Shopper - Why I leave your web-shop

How to tailor your ecommerce website to Millennials to stop them from leaving without buying (and increasing your conversion rate)...TBH it's not that hard!


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September 5, 2017 | by Connor Mora

Highsnobiety proves a fresh take on product content can win over bored consumers

Highsnobiety has found a cure to your consumer boredom with a subtle strategy of fresh, relevant and unique product content that keeps you coming back for more.


August 14, 2017 | by Emma Kobylenski

The high cost of small product data mistakes in retail

Product data errors cause headaches all over the supply chain. The smallest errors and gaps in information can have big repercussions. Some quickly and silently eat away at your bottom line.


July 19, 2017 | by Connor Mora

When Worlds Collide: Performance Footwear's Trend Toward Fashion

Performance shoes have hopped on the fast track of fashion and aren't slowing down. It's more than boosting athletic performance, it's about making a statement


June 21, 2017 | by Emma Kobylenski

Who is the most popular retailer in the US? [Map]

What are the most popular retailers in the US by state? Check out this map to see who is king. [Infographic 2017]


May 22, 2017 | by Patrick Foster - Freelance Ecommerce Expert

How to Optimize Product Pages for SEO & Users

Optimize your product pages for SEO and users so that your pages rank highly with search engines and your customers using this quick guide


January 10, 2017 | by Emma Kobylenski

Where DropBox fails small ecommerce businesses

Many small retail businesses use personal cloud storage like Dropbox to manage product information and marketing material. But is this really the best way?