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Plytix ranks as the #1 Best Workplace in Málaga, again

Plytix ranks as one of the Best Workplaces in Málaga, again

Sweeping the number one spot as the Best Workplace in Málaga in the 10-100 employee category, right after being certified as a Great Place To Work in Spain for 2022-2023, is an honor we don’t take for granted. Building a work environment that’s psychologically and emotionally safe for employees to be their full selves takes active and continuous effort. 

The Best Place To Work project means a great deal to us as it affirms one of the basic principles we live by; employees are humans first before they’re employees. Positively impacting their lives as humans first helps to uplift them as employees. That’s how we’ve come to qualify for this recognition for the second time. 

"Our employees’ achievements and growth are Plytix's achievements and growth."

— Samantha Cristobal, IT Recruiter & Culture Specialist

For this ranking, the Great Place To Work organization did a survey, asking Plytix employees for information related to the policies and practices on the care and management of people within the organization, particularly those based in the Málaga province. Using their Trust Index to make the evaluation, the results show that Plytix has a culture of high trust. 

Overall, 100% of employees say:  

  • All things considered, this is a great place to work.
  • They can count on the collaboration of others.
  • When someone changes departments, they are made to feel at home.
  • When you join the company, you feel welcome.
  • This is a place where we have a good time working.

Our IT Recruiter & Culture Specialist, Samantha Cristobal, says: 

“This is a confirmation that our work is being done correctly. That the careful attention we pay to our team is recognized, and this is more than gratifying for us. We work hard to make sure that we follow our values and keep our team happy by ensuring that a life and work balance is a reality they live in.” 

“We are a great team, and the sky's our limit for what we can achieve going forward,” she concludes.

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Even better news is, you too can join this best place to work. All you have to do is take a scroll down our careers page for open positions and start applying.  


About Plytix:

Plytix is one of the leading Product Information Management (PIM) tools on the market, specially designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses. It is a collaborative, single source of truth created to help you effectively and efficiently manage product information so your business can be successful. 


About Great Place To Work®:

Great Place To Work® is an international benchmark in top management research and management consulting with 30 years of experience, working under the philosophy of creating a better society by helping organizations transform their organizational environments to become Great Places to Work for everyone: business, people, and society.