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Plytix Product Overview
Central source of truth
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Plytix is User friendly

Edit your product information effortlessly 

Our userfriendly interface allows you to easily get things done in no time. A few clicks here, some drag and drop there, and that’s it! Slice and dice your data the way you need with filters and custom views. Save hours of work by updating your products in bulk—so simple that anyone can use it. 

Byron Arnold

Byron Arnold

Head of Product at Blue Lab

G2 crowd

Think of something you want to do with product filtering or product content—then you can probably do it with Plytix. The program is so intuitive to use that it really does empower the user to do what THEY want to do.

Combine PIM and DAM in one
Plytix DAM

Combine PIM and DAM in one 

Why decide on one if you can have both? With Plytix’s integrated DAM you can put all your assets right where they belong—with your products. Store and manage an unlimited amount of all file types—easy to find, optimize, and share.

Daniel Walshaw

Daniel Walshaw

Marketing Manager @ Furnlink

G2 crowd

I have been looking for a central product management tool for years, and after a lot of research, settled on Plytix. With the DAM built into the PIM it has made product management very easy. Tasks that used to take me one to two weeks to complete can now be done in minutes. Plytix has been a game-changer for us.

Track your product content efficiently
Tracking products at Plytix

Track your product content efficiently  

With our completion tracking, you can easily monitor what products are ready for the world to see and which ones still require some work. Remember that one time you shared incomplete data? With smart lists, this won’t happen again. 

get optimized content for everywhere you sell
Plytix product feeds

Get optimized content for everywhere you sell

Create product feeds that automatically populate with all your product data, formatted exactly how you need it for all of your different sales channels. From your webshop, to marketplaces, social channels - you name it. Sell more with less work.

Export your product data anytime
Plytix exports

Export your product data anytime 

At Plytix, we don’t keep your data hostage. Easily get on-demand exports of the data you need in CSV, XLSX, or PDF-format in seconds. Your product data, your rules.

Jakob Wilhjelm Poulsen

Jakob W.

International E-Tail Manager, Eva Solo

G2 crowd

What I like most about Plytix is the feature called "Channels". Here, we can format, edit and export our product data to our online sales channels, matching our partner's requirements for datasheets. By automating this process, we save a lot of time previously spent managing these tasks manually.

AI cretating product information
PIM plytix and AI

Automate the creation of your product content with Plytix’s AI

We've integrated OpenAI into Plytix so you can embrace a solution that automatically generates compelling, high-quality product content for you. Leave the boring stuff to the machines and focus on what truly matters.

Built for SMBs. Trusted by Big Businesses.

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We will do the implementation for you... so you don’t have to.

Find out how our implementation specialists create a new home for your product data:

Manage onboarding
Plytix and the onboarding

Discover what Plytix PIM can do for you


45% increase in sales
within the first year


5x faster to create and process new products

4 websites managed from one single source of truth

Finally, a powerful PIM that won’t break the bank

We want to make your life easier, which is why we don’t hide our prices. Only pay for the features you need.



plus onboarding

Up to 3 outputs help What's an output?

Free trial—no credit card needed



plus onboarding

9 outputs help What's an output?



Free trial—no credit card needed



plus onboarding

Unlimited outputs help What's an output?

Free trial—no credit card needed

FREE PIM €0/mo

A good solution for companies looking for a powerful PIM without outputs.

Why companies choose Plytix PIM

Frequently Asked Questions

A product data management platform is the single source of truth where all your product data (descriptions, prices, images, SKUs, and more) lives. Plytix PIM takes things a step further by making it easy to distribute your product data wherever you need it. You can sell anywhere using Channels, or create online catalogs with Brand Portals. 

It’s almost impossible to sell online in this day and age without product data management software. Selling online is no longer about just setting up your webstore and ranking on Google. To make the most of your online business, you need to be selling on multiple channels like Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, and more! But the more sites you sell on, the harder it is to manage product data in spreadsheets (think inaccurate data, formatting errors, and time wasted doing it all manually).

That’s where Plytix comes in. Plytix is a collaboration tool where you can bring all your product data together and get it ready for everywhere you sell.

Anyone who sells online can benefit from a product data management software, but you definitely need one if you’re managing over 100 products and/or selling on more than one channel. Plytix is the only PIM specially made (and priced!) for small to medium-sized businesses.

When you get started with Plytix, your dedicated customer success manager will work with you to create a custom onboarding plan that addresses the challenges that first brought you to Plytix. This tailored, whiteglove onboarding is required for all paid accounts. Here's some of what you can expect:

  • A success plan created with your business goals and timeline in mind

  • 1-on-1 Plytix training for your project lead

  • Weekly meetings for Plytix implementation, goal setting, and to ensure the project timeline is on track

“Outputs” help you share your product data outside of the PIM. You can use each output you purchase for one of the following:

  • Channels: build product feeds that automatically populate with all your product data, so you can stop manually filling out templates. 1 output = 1 product feed

  • Brand Portals: share always up-to-date online catalogs with anyone. 1 output = 1 online catalog

Nope! Plytix is easy to use and intuitive, so you can dive in and get started right away.

Plytix was made for teams of all sizes! Whether you’re a one-person show or a team of 500, using Plytix is easy. You won’t need to hire anyone additional to get the most out of the PIM. In fact, because Plytix makes creating and updating product information easier, you’ll even be able to free up some time to work on other important tasks like finding new ways to sell more.

We believe that product data management software needs to make collaboration easier between your team, and we won’t put anything in the way of that. All Plytix plans include unlimited users.

Wherever you sell, you can use Plytix to get your products online. The process varies depending on the platform, but they all have one thing in common: using Plytix for multichannel distribution is much easier and faster than doing it manually.

For details on how Plytix works with your specific combination of sales channels, download our channels guide or book a demo with us. We'll walk through your exact scenario with you and answer any questions.