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Plytix Earns the Top-Rated PIM in G2’s Best ‘Commerce Products' Category

Plytix Earns the Top-Rated PIM in G2’s Best ‘Commerce Products' Category

All this talk about G2's Best Software 2022 got us floating around on a cotton candy cloud. But we’re back and ready to unpack what this means for Plytix. 

What is G2?

Before we dive into the award, let’s quickly touch on what does and the premise of this review platform. G2 is a tech marketplace where brands are rated based on user reviews and social data. Here, business owners can discover and review solutions that can aid their operations in a number of ways. With more than 60-million people visiting the website to write about 100,000+ software solutions, it’s a pretty big deal. As it stands, they’ve published over 1,500,000 reviews that have helped businesses make more informed buying decisions. 

How does the G2 Best Software Awards work?

The annual (virtual) ceremony takes place in the first quarter of the year. 

The winning list highlights all the companies and products that have received the most authentic reviews for the previous calendar year. To take part and be considered in the running, you need to bag at least 50 vetted reviews in one year. 

These reviews are mostly evaluated through LinkedIn (social data). To be granted an "approved" review, the reviewer is required to have a credible social profile, or at least an active email address to help G2 with the validation process. An additional approach G2 takes is partnering with sellers and organizations to authenticate users through select platforms. "We do not allow users to leave reviews for their current employers, former employers, or competitors.

G2 awards are not to be taken lightly. They showcase the world’s leaders, and their reviews are earned through strong customer ​​satisfaction and market presence.

Plytix PIM, a proud Commerce winner! 

So, knowing what we know now, a little bragging never killed nobody, right? 

We officially placed 14th in the Top 50 Commerce Products category and achieved the top-rated PIM! This achievement is truly a testament to our team and their ongoing commitment to offering a best-in-class experience for SMBs. Be it from a support or a product perspective, we keep pushing the envelope.

Here’s what Morten Poulsen, CEO of Plytix, has to say:

“In December 2017, we wrote the first line of code for the Plytix PIM. Now, 5-years later, we rank at the top of the list of the best technologies for ecommerce in the world. Not in my wildest dream would I have imagined that this could happen, and I can't describe how much this recognition means to a young company like ours.”


It’s great to see how far we’ve come—but where we're going is so much better! 

Follow our review profile on G2 to see what Plytix users have to say. Or sign up for FREE to use our platform (no credit card required!) and rate it yourself. 

 *Read more about G2 Best Software Awards here


About Plytix:

Plytix is one of the leading Product Information Management (PIM) tools on the market, specially designed for online retail. It is a single source of truth designed to help you manage content at scale and get your products to market faster.