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Plytix: the new start-up on the block

plytix team

We know you’re probably wondering: Where did these guys come from and what’s their Big Evil Plan?

Well, allow us introduce ourselves (and our Big, but Not-at-all-Evil, Plan) by answering a couple of the questions we’ve been asked a lot lately.

(If you have others, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below!)

Basically, we’re a bunch of down-to-earth guys and gals with an extraordinary combination of superpowers such as tech skills and passion for people. We’re on a mission to bring brands and retailers closer to their consumers in order to create utterly extraordinary customer experiences!

Who’s the brain behind Plytix?

There is no one brain behind this. Plytix exists because of a team effort. We only succeed because we leverage the power of synergy – in other words, we believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

The first seed for what would later become Plytix was planted years ago when a couple of guys were talking about how to make online re-marketing more sophisticated. Working in Google, they happened to be passionate about that sort of thing.

Other people heard the idea and came with suggestions based on their experience from a variety of fields such as product photography, analytics, programming and marketing. The product we’re launching today is miles away from the initial idea and it would never have gotten this far had it not been for the bunch of cool people chipping in with thoughts and resources.

From the very beginning it’s been a fundamental part of our culture that we recognise the importance of every single contribution - big and small - from everyone around us.

Is Plytix trying to pick a fight with Google Analytics?

No. We LOVE Google and we owe a great deal of our skills and philosophies to those guys. Heck, 90% of the tools we use were made by Google. We’re not David taking on Goliath. We’re just Plytix, driven by our ambition to make the most awesome product imaginable.

Our focus is on our mission, not on competition. We’re determined to make the world a better place by doing what we do best: creating awesome analytics that bring brands and retailers closer to consumers and pave the way for amazing customer experiences.

Why on Earth is Plytix based in Malaga?

Well, the nice climate doesn’t hurt. But from a business point of view it makes perfectly good sense to be in Malaga. The city has a blossoming entrepreneurial environment and we see more and more start-ups here every day. There are plenty of highly skilled people in Malaga and the well renowned universities are a steady source of new talent. Several big companies, such as Ericsson and Oracle, have set up in Malaga for the very same reasons.

Furthermore, Malaga is the ideal arena for creating the company culture that we believe is the key to our success. Working from a traditional Andalusian mansion facing mountains on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other is no doubt the best setting for out-of-the-box ideas and an energizing work environment!

Want to know more?

We’re a fairly talkative bunch of people, so feel free reach out and give us a call or throw us a line or two about your business and what we can do for you!