You don’t have to be a designer to create product sheets that close deals

Our easy-to-use template creator lets anyone generate a print-ready product sheet in minutes.

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Automate product sheet creation

Why involve a designer every time your sales department needs a product sheet? In Plytix, anyone on your team can select the products and attributes they need, populate them into a template, and export—all within minutes.

Create (and reuse) unlimited templates

Set up templates tailored to your customers to get them the product content they need. Reuse templates for future product sheets to skip the back and forth of approving a new design.


Drag and drop your way to a professional product sheet

Make a template without any design knowledge or special skills. A few clicks here and some dragging there are all it takes in our user-friendly product sheet builder.

Show off your brand

Customize your templates with fonts, colors, and images so anyone from sales to marketing can create product information sheets that are on brand. Designers, breathe easy—the brand is in good hands.


"I was spending around $6,000 for a graphic designer to do a catalog that I needed to be updated all the time. So I decided to spend the money to bring the company out of the dark ages and get our information online. And I am so glad I did! I definitely got my investment back."

Sandra Perry, VP of Marketing, Allé Designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you prefer to create your product sheets in InDesign, we can help you get your product content there through an XML Channel.

Not currently, but you can create your own fully-customized templates in Plytix with the layout, fonts, colors, images, and product content that you want.

Product Sheets are included in our PRO plan and offered as an add-on to our Standard plan. You can compare plans here.

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