How to improve your product pages with video

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January 5, 2017 | by Alejandro Méndez

We know how important it is that your products look good in front of your visitors when you have an e-shop. However, if a potential customer lands on your product page and can’t find all the information they are looking for it spells disaster for your conversion rate. Getting that information to your customer in the form of video takes the explanatory power of your product photo and triples it.

As Invodo recently reported, 64% of shoppers on the internet are more likely to buy if they see visual content on the site they are visiting. And if they can’t find any, 48% of users are likely to leave your site and look for information in another place.

Videos, especially good quality ones, make users feel confident about your product which will transform them into paying customers. In fact, a survey conducted by Liveclicker revealed that 88% of online sellers increased conversions after adding a video to their product pages.

There are many advantages when including videos to product descriptions but you can’t just add any old video you find. Your visitors can be highly influenced by this kind of media and so you should invest time making sure it leaves a great impression.


Best practices when adding videos to your product pages

The quality and placement of the video on your product page is crucial. Let’s run through some things you should keep in mind to get the best results from your videos:

  1. Put them in the right place. Videos of products are much more effective if they can be found on the individual product pages. And you need to be sure they are easy to find and not hidden. Ideally, videos should be placed near a call to action or important elements of the page so you can exploit all of their potential.
  2. Keep your eye on the prize. When making the video, focus on the product. Keeping it short and stick to your product features make the video interesting, informative, and more likely to be watched til the end.
  3. Don’t skimp on quality. The quality of the video tells a lot about you and your product. This sounds obvious, but if you don’t take care of your video quality (not only format and planning, but also content), the video might come off worse for your brand. A blurry video is a huge turn off. 
  4. Tell a story. This might be the difference between being forgotten and going viral. Storytelling helps people to remember things. Take the time to create a video script before you start filming. Be funny, emotional or give them something to think about and they will remember you when talking to friends.
  5. User generated content is good. UGC videos inspire trust, which helps users through the buying process. You could link to the content or choose a few to highlight. You can even leave space for customers to submit their own videos.
  6. Highlight the best features of your product. As video is a powerful visual tool, use it properly and include all the advantages of buying it while standing out from your competitors. Show them a context of having already bought it that gets them in the mindset to click “add to cart”.
  7. Forget autoplay. Users don’t want content to annoy them while they are navigating your site. Give them the option of playing a video but never play it automatically, unless your design is optimized for it and your videos don’t look invasive.
  8. Test and change. Once you add a video to a product page, it is time to track results and see if it is effective. It is good to change positions, topics or even leave some products without videos. Not all of them are going to get same results as others. Find your perfect combination.

Remember, product pages with videos will get 37% more add-to-cart conversions than those which only have text and images.Every brand selling online should consider adding videos to their product pages so they can get all the benefits from this media format.

Alejandro Méndez

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