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Plytix Opens Alameda Office and Continues to Help Brands Sell Online

Company opens new office in Alameda Principal after growing customer base by 42% and increasing staff by 21%

Málaga (MA): Due to its rapid expansion, Plytix has announced the opening of a new office in la Alameda Principal. This is a major move for the company on its mission to help retail businesses transition to online.

Covid has taken a massive swing on traditional companies forcing them to go digital. Plytix's goal is to help make this transition as easy as possible.  “Take the 100-year-old local shoe store, Calzados Hinojosa, during lockdown in showing our support to local businesses we helped them set up their online shop and upload over 2500 products.”  says Jon, Head of Customer Success at Plytix. They are now making sales on a daily basis, expanding to new European markets and are prepared if physical stores are forced to close again due to a second wave.

“In times of crisis, great companies are the ones that can show their ability to flourish. We still have a lot to learn from this situation but I am extremely proud of how my team stuck together and accomplished amazing things.” says Morten, Founder and CEO at Plytix. 

To read the full story about how Plytix helped Calzados Hinojosa set up their business online amid COVID, click here. (link to an article of website).

About Plytix: Plytix helps you sell more by getting your products to market faster and smarter. Plytix makes sure the right product content gets to the right sales channel at the right time.