Multi-channel Marketing

For optimal ecommerce growth, a multi-channel marketing strategy is a must. Plytix makes it easy to get your products to multiple markets and grow your sales online.

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Multi-channel distribution


Plytix allows you to syndicate your product data with any third-party channel, and get your products to market 6x faster. Get your data marketplace ready with optimized content in the right format. Watch your sales grow on channels like Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook and many more.



Eliminate data errors and ensure you comply with industry standard when using automation features like smart lists and completion attributes. Save time when selling products in new markets, and be sure you're always sending the right information to the right channel.

Significant time saving, instead of having to fill in the same repetitive data on all our vendor sites we have one hub for everything.

Dhesaka Jayasuriya - Marketing Coordinator at Reliable Corporation


Why multi-channel?

It's 2019, and Multichannel marketing is no longer a concept but a reality, and your products need as much online presence as possible, especially in the competitive world of ecommerce. 

Multi-channel marketing means getting top positions on the channels where your customers are shopping. Because everybody knows that the best place to hide a dead body is on page two on Google and Amazon. 

At Plytix we've made it our mission to become the leading PIM when it comes to ecommerce multi-channel distribution. Our clients can integrate with any channel using our integrations or the Plytix API.

Syndicate your product data to more
than 500 marketplaces and storefronts 

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