Get your products to market
faster and smarter

Brands that send tailored product information to each of their
sales channels sell more products. It’s that simple.

Product Content Syndication

Optimize listings at scale

Manage your multichannel product listings from one location. Plytix syndicates to Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Facebook, and many more.

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Automate reseller templates

Because filling them out manually is just ridiculous. Set them up once and Plytix will take care of the dirty work going forward.

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Automation with Department Stores

Share product information with mom-and-pop stores

Fully customizable Brand Portals. Online and always up to date. No more clunky emails back and forth.

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Plytix Brand Portals

Manage your web store like a real pro

Plytix is designed to manage product content at scale. Work faster and be at ease, knowing that Plytix will only publish 100% complete and optimized content.

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Syndicate Plytix and your Webstore

Send channel-ready content with confidence

Ensure channel readiness with customizable data completion attributes. Never send incomplete content ever again.

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Completeness attributes

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"Significant time savings. Instead of having to fill in the same repetitive data on all our vendor sites, we have one hub for everything."

Dhesaka Jayasuriya - Marketing Coordinator