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What's the Deal with Plytix and Analytics?

What's the Deal with Plytix and Analytics?

Many of you have asked about this analytics thing we are building. Here we are to shed some light on what this is and why we are doing it. 

Our Origin Story

Our name, Plytix, actually comes from the combination of "Product" and "Analytics". When we started Plytix back in 2015, our sights were set on building an analytics platform that would let users collect data from different channels and analyze them in one easy-to-use dashboard. All you would need is a product feed to get going.

As we talked to more and more people, we realized that the act of developing a product feed was not as straightforward as we thought. We assumed most retailers and brands already had a PIM system. 

Oh boy were we wrong. 

So we built a really, really rudimentary PIM system to create product feeds, and the rest is history, as they say.

Read more about how Plytix pivoted here. 

Our Methodology

But we never really lost sight of the importance of analyzing data. When we developed our multi-channel marketing methodology, CODA, we built it right in. There is nothing more powerful than a company that knows how to leverage the data it has.

Data is decision-lubricant that makes it infinitely easier to weigh different choices. Which products are our best-sellers? Which have the most room for improvement? Does this image work better than this other one? It must be included in a multi-channel marketing strategy. 

Right now, we are helping companies build a sanitized product database that they can operate from (Centralize). We also facilitate the manipulation of data to better serve different channels (Optimize), and we also provide tools to help companies get their products out in front of their customers and partners (Distribute).

But our Analyze function is still in the works. We strategically put it on ice to focus on building the other infrastructure necessary for multi-channel success.

However, last year we started working on this again with help from an EU grant. With this funding we have made big strides in getting the analytics project off the ground. 

The Horizon Project

Our product analytics platform development project is being funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 initiative. The aim of this project is to develop a prototype of our cross-channel analytics platform for e-commerce. In the background, we've been working to develop this project and we're happy to announce we do currently have a working prototype available in all Plytix accounts.

We are now in a user-feedback phase where we want to re-evaluate the market impression of the tool and make improvements. If you are interested in participating, just reach out! 

Learn more about the project here.

What's to Come

We are currently developing an integration with Google Analytics to help feed data into the system. This will grab Enhanced Ecommerce data from multiple properties and centralize them into one dashboard in Plytix. 

We are also laying the groundwork for sharing data between accounts, but more on that later.

Stay tuned to our Product Spotlight to learn more about what is happening with Plytix Analytics and our roadmap in general.