Stop working in silos.
Start working together.

Plytix PIM software is built for seamless team collaboration so you can get your products in front of your customers faster.

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PIM overview

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PIM Demo - Manoella
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No more spreadsheet mayhem—work faster when your whole team can see all your product information in one place. 

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Digital Assets Management

Plytix PIM is also a DAM. 

Because PIM without DAM is just ridiculous. All your assets right where they belong—with your products. Easy to find, optimize, and share.

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Just a few of the things that you’ll get out of Plytix


Digital Asset Management for all file types


Spreadsheet and grid view


Open API for custom integrations


Scheduled imports


User roles with custom permissions


Unlimited users


Computed attributes for editing product information with formulas


Advanced filtering options


Product completion tracking


Unlimited custom attributes


Quick export to CSV, XLSX, or PDF


Product Families


Product relationships for upsell, cross-sell, or bundles


In-cell editing (just like spreadsheets)


Flexible variation handling


Easy bulk product editing


Seamless ERP connection

ICO|change log

Change log

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AI Product Description


Unleash the power of AI with Plytix’s AI product description generator

We've integrated OpenAI into Plytix so you can embrace a solution that automatically generates compelling, high-quality product content. Leave the boring stuff to the machines and focus on what truly matters. 

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The time I spend on product updates has fallen by at least a factor of 5. And, others on my team can use Plytix to update what they need to. They used to send me an email, so I could do it, since it meant updating a spreadsheet and uploading that to Shopify. But now they can just do what they need to, and keep me out of the loop.

Robert Ferrell
Robert Ferrell
Co-owner, Chama Valley Meats
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We are migrating to a new e-commerce platform, and Plytix has been fundamental in organizing and adding data to over 6k SKUs. It saves our team countless hours of manual work through automation, bulk edits, and organization through filters. Ditch whatever PIM solution you’re using and switch to Plytix; you’ll never look back.

Mihail Mancas
Mihail Mancas
Photographer, Al Fakher Holding USA
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Fast and reliable due to its cloud architecture. I can query large data sets very quickly and find the information we need. Fantastic integration features with Shopify makes Plytix a killer PIM. Also have fantastic customer support - they are always so damn friendly and happy to go above and beyond for their customers.

Adam Racovalis
Adam Racovalis
Partner, Adam & Milo
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One of the most user friendly PIMs I’ve used in my career thus far. Prior to Plytix, information was scattered everywhere with no centralized hub to store. Since the implementation of Plytix, everyone has access to the same information within the entire organization. Being able to store all information in one place has been a huge time saver and reduced the amount of emails significantly.

Kaitlyn Koppelman
Kaitlyn Koppelman
Director of Product Development, Armacost
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I now have a main source of truth for my product data, and can output that data to all of my platforms in the exact way those platforms need to see that data with minimal fuss. Plytix has been my go-to tool to simplify that process and has saved me an immense amount of time and frustration. This is one software I am happy to renew each year!

Andy Reierson
Ecommerce Manager,
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We have uploaded over 33,000 images for over 7,000 products, and finding images has never been easier! We don’t have to keep duplicates of images in multiple folders to try to keep them separate, and we can find the images we are looking for so much faster.

Wade olsen
Wade Olsen
Director of Marketing, Lazy One
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Plytix has paved the way for a rich presentation of our products, has helped with product consistency, minimizes errors, and is easily accessible to all team members. Plytix and the people behind it are continuously improving. If we experience any challenges, we reach out, and our account representative walks us through them. This process feels like calling a trusted friend, not a company.

Sandra Perry
Partner, Allé Designs
G2 Crowd Logo

I'm new to the whole pim-systems and online business so without the meetings with the plytix support team this would been chaos. With plytix it's like getting a colleague, a person who after some meetings understand and come with truly helpful suggestions for my business. This was a truly amazing thing for me during the implementation process and something they truly undersell when pitching the product.

Hugo Hultin
Owner, Hultin EHF

Frequently Asked Questions

PIM is for you if you’re managing over 100 products and/or selling on more than one channel. Plytix is the only PIM specially made (and priced!) for small to medium-sized businesses.

PIM software is essential for ecommerce success today. Since each sales channel asks you for differently formatted product details, you need a place to edit and store them. When that place is your ecommerce store or spreadsheets, it’s too easy to make costly mistakes. PIM software helps you keep your data error-free and formatted in the way that you need it.

The software is easy to use and intuitive, so you won’t need a developer to help you get started. Once you get your demo, you can import your products and data via CSV upload.

Plytix helps you distribute product information anywhere online using one of three main methods:

  1. Channels: build product feeds that automatically populate with all your product data, so you can stop manually filling out templates.

  2. Brand Portals: share always up-to-date online catalogs with anyone.

Or, if you’re using the free version of Plytix you can export your product information in CSV or XLSX format and then manually format the file for your sales channels. (Our paid feature, Channels, takes the manual work out of this process.)

All files are stored in Amazon’s Simple Cloud Storage Service‎ (S3). This is the cloud service with the highest security available, and allows the system to run fast in all parts of the world.

Plytix is built with MongoDB, a document-oriented database used to store all product information and account data.

We sure do! Our open REST API allows you to connect with any system, both to bring data into Plytix and to share it from Plytix to other platforms.

Not at all! You can use all of the add-ons available in Plytix without a technical team. Our platform is easy to use so you don’t have to hire any specialized help to do everything you want.

Product Information Management isn’t a one-person job, but teams don’t have an efficient way to work on product content together. 

Plytix was built with collaboration in mind, to solve this problem. We want you to be able to work together with everyone needed to get the job done. Charging by user goes against our vision of what a PIM should be. And besides, adding new users doesn’t cost us anything, so why should it cost you?

Many of the PIM features covered on this page are included in our free plan, which is free forever. All features are included in our paid plans.

Because we ❤️ transparency at Plytix, you can compare plans and see complete pricing here.