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Product Information Management

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A single source of truth

All your product data in one place, accessible to everyone. All teams can collaborate in real time from one centralized overview.

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A single source of truth

It’s a

Manage images, videos, graphics, and files in one place.
All linked directly to your products.

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It's a DAM(n) PIM

Optimal team collaboration

Unlimited users can work on your product data at the same time. Add as many team members as you want at no extra cost... You’re welcome :)

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Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets!

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Feature highlights

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Keep all of your files and multimedia content safe and up-to-date. Manage images, videos, graphics, and files in one place, and all linked directly to your products.

Plytix API


Integrate any existing tools seamlessly and get your product information workflow in sync once and for all. We offer support whenever you need it.

User Roles

User roles

Easily create and assign custom permissions to your users in Plytix. You can define your own roles and define what access rights are relevant to that role. No need to assign permissions to every single user independently.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users

Get your whole team working on your product data at the same time, and at no extra cost. Product Information Management should be a team effort and Plytix is designed for just that.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering

Sort through and find your content fast. Filter by multiple attributes and conditions at once to find exactly what you're looking for. Save your favorite combinations of filters for easy access.

Completion Tracking

Completion tracking

Set up data completion tracking and see exactly what needs to be worked on. Track progress on content, find out what is missing, and keep your product flow moving!

Direct Editing

Direct editing

Edit your product data directly from the product overview, just like you would on a spreadsheet.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing

Update thousands of products at once. Editing a certain feature on multiple products has never been easier. Just select the products you wish to edit, select the attribute, and provide the new value.

Variation handling

Variation handling

Link and sync variations for better product management. Easily create unlimited variations of a specific product in the system, whether you set variations based on color, size, or anything else. 

Product relationships

Product relationships

Create connections between products to identify compatible items, cross-sells, or bundles. You can even define product quantities for more accurate relationships.

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited attributes

Create unlimited custom attributes. With 13 different attribute types, you are in complete control to define your product catalog and specifications as you see fit.

Attribute types

Attribute types

Streamline your data by choosing the right attribute type for your product attributes. From decimal number to integer number, from multi-select to dropdown, and from short text to rich text, the list goes on. 

Import profiles

Import profiles

Easily import data into Plytix from multiple sources. Match the data from the source to what's in your PIM once during your first import, and simply save it as a profile. The system will remember the settings for this source for future imports.

Export functions

Quick export

Select products and export on the fly into spreadsheets or even PDF product sheets. Just pick a few products, select the fields you want, and download your file.

Computed attributes

Computed attributes

Format data for your retailers and channels in 2 minutes instead of 2 hours. Computed Attributes let you transform your product content using formulas and operations just like those in Excel, except way faster.

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"Plytix has instantly saved me 3-4 hours a day doing manual data entry. I am astounded as to how easy it was to manipulate the data which would usually take huge man hours to sort."

Lanchlan Helmers, Sales Executive