The Features

We're going to be frank here; you're never going to find the perfect PIM - sorry. But the good news is, you can get pretty damn close!

Nowadays you have so many features to choose from, how do you know which ones you need, and those you don't.

So, rather than fixating on features features features (many of which you may not even need btw), we have focused primarily on functionality, and what you can solve with Plytix.

Get Started

Get started

Get started

Easily import limitless amounts of product information.

Smart import functions mean you can save yourself time, especially if you frequently add or update your product info.

With no limits on adding users, the whole team can get involved.

Side note: No developers required*. Yipee!

*Unless you want to use our API of course

Get organized

Get organized

With Plytix you can create an organizational structure that works for you. No templates or restrictions, just limitless possibilities to optimize your products. Think Monica style towel categorization.

Save time by shaping personalized overviews, and enrich your product information on the fly. 

Get distributing

Get distributing

Whether it’s sharing product data with resellers and collaborators, or updating your products across your many ecommerce channels, Plytix allows you to distribute product information in a smart, customizable way. 

From basic exports and digital product portals, to printable catalogs and data feeds for your various channels - sharing your content just got easier.

Get verified

Get verified

It's one thing distributing product information, but are you sharing the correct, and most up-to-date information? 

Using different completeness and verification tools, you can check that your data is fit for distribution, as well as ensure that only the right information is being shared.

Get analyzing

Get analyzing

The only PIM system where you can manage your data, and analyze it too.

Segment your products in way that makes sense for you, with only the relevant metrics - no more analytics theater.

Analyze your product performance across your different third-party channels from one custom dashboard. 

Get secure

Get secure

Control who accesses information by adding users by invitation only. Plus password protection in certain areas allow you to only share information with the desired end users.

Plytix PIM uses Amazon secure hosting and web services, for fast and reliable service, and back ups of your data are captured multiple times a day.

PIM that makes sense

PIM that makes sense

Plytix is not just a Product Information Management (PIM) tool. Plytix is the tool that will lead you to ecommerce success. How?

With an exceptional team of content, industry, and ecommerce experts (who just happen to be the nicest people on the planet), as well as flexible pricing plans, and an easy-to-use interface - it's a PIM no brainer.

But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself...


What people say about us...

"Plytix has provided us with an information hub, where we can centralize our information, allowing ourselves, our partners, customers and press to access the information they need, whenever they need it, making them and us more efficient"

eva solo

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Plytix has allowed us to better organize our product information. We can now find our data easier, and distribute it to our customers in a more professional way. The platform has made us work much more efficiently, and is super time-saving!

Colour Kids

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Amazing! It is easy to use/quick to access all our data. We love the catalog function and being able to link the database to our systems for quick update of the information.


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It's the best value PIM software available online. Plytix is the first PIM database we have purchased but before, we tried all the top PIM solutions in the market and we could not meet their prices.

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